All women are beautiful in their own ways but sometimes little efforts go into enhancing that beauty. It is believed that when a woman reaches 22, she starts looking more prettier and beautiful and that keeps on increasing until their 30’s. After the age of 30, some woman start showing signs of ageing which can be slowed down or reduced naturally by taking care of your health and body.

When you reach the age of 40, it therefore becomes really important for you to take care of your health so that your ageing cannot defy your spectacular beauty as well as the health of your body. There are a bunch of things to do at 40 years old. Some of them are listed below for your convenience.

Taking care of yourself does not mean that you have to lose weight or eat scarcely to achieve glowing skin, No! The reason being here is that every ageing woman has their own kind of beauty. What looks lean at 25 might look rawboned at the age of 40. So, just take care of your health and skin but not in a very harsh way. Your only goal should be to look after your health and not to achieve any kind of beauty accomplishment.

Put your body in motion


We know how much you feel tired after a day at work or after doing those household chores but exercising is going to help your muscles to a good extent. It is a good idea to take the stairs instead of the lift. You can also do some exercises in the comfort of your home as well.

Always wear sunscreen

Woman's Health after 40

Do not forget to wear a good sunscreen that suits your skin type when you are heading outside of your home. The exposure can make anyone’s skin age faster than it would and can also cause you to have wrinkles and sunspots. Thus, befriend that sunscreen tube.

Cut down on sugar and smoking

diet after 40 years old

Craving for that chocolate cake and having it once in a while is okay but binging on sugar-filled foods every now and then is a big no-no. The increased amount of sugar can harden your collagen cells and that is not at all good for your skin. Smoking is the worst thing and is the most injurious to your skin and body hence, try to avoid it.


life after 40 for woman

Well, if you are not working, it’s best not to stay at home the whole day alone. Socialize with people, joins clubs, make friends and hang out frequently with them. Having chit chats and listening to jokes every now and then will help you in being happy.

Stay Positive

female changes after 40

Never ever be negative about anything in life, if you stress and worry about something, it will gradually cause your skin, body, and heart to age faster. Hence, face problems like a pro and be calm throughout.

Cut down on junk food

health tips for 35 year old woman

This is very mainstream but quite important when it comes to taking care of yourself. The junk food is rich in substances that hamper the gut’s health and thus your skin. I believe that if the gut is not happy, the skin will definitely show the outcome.

Some more tips that you should follow are :

  • Resort to a lesser amount of makeup
  • Complete your sleep cycle
  • Be happy and confident
  • Carry yourself positively
  • Moisturise your hands and feet
  • Floss your teeth
  • Eat fruits like hell

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