To kiss or be kissed by someone is one of the incredible feelings in life. The moment your partner grabs you to kiss, you experience butterflies in your stomach that lets you melt down in his arms.

Even in the Valentine Week, there is a whole day dedicated to celebrating the magical feeling of the kiss. Kiss Day is celebrated on 13th February, every year by lovers all around the world. On this day people kiss their partners or lovers to express their emotional and intimate feelings. But do you know that there is not just one but several ways to kiss your partner?

Here we will discuss different types of kisses that you could try with your partner on this Kiss Day.

1Cheek Kiss

It is the most popular type of kiss that can happen between couples, friends or between parents and children. In this type of kiss, you simply plant a kiss to another person’s cheeks. It is a sweet way to express that you like someone for a reason or another.

2Forehead Kiss

Again, this kind of kiss can happen between both close friends and lovers. A simple and decent kiss on forehead shows that you like and trust that person.

3French Kiss

The French Kiss derives from the passionate romance between two people. It involves a lot of tongue action, and you got to be a pro at it to enjoy it thoroughly. But once you master the art of French kissing, there is nothing like it.

4Single-Lip Kiss

In this type of kiss, you take one lip of your partner between your lips and then suck on it gently. It is a very soft and tender way of kissing that shows your partner that you are really into them.

5Earlobe Kiss

It is considered to be the most intimate and romantic type of kiss. It involves taking the earlobe of your partner between your lips and kissing it gently. To heat up the moment, you can whisper something sexy in your partner’s ears and then slightly kiss their earlobe. It will drive them crazy for you.

6Leave-A-Mark Kiss

In this type of kiss, the girl puts on lipstick before kissing her man. She leaves the lipstick mark on the guys face after kissing as a playful gesture.

7Butterfly Kiss

It occurs when two people get close to each other’s face while kissing and their eyelashes connect. It is a very intimate form of kiss that happens between people who are madly and deeply in love with each other.

8Air Kiss

The Air Kiss has very friendly vibes associated with it, which is carried out by friends, relatives, and known. In this type of kiss, you get close to another person’s cheeks and make the sound of ‘mwah’ without actually kissing them.

9Tap Kiss

In tap kiss, you just touch your partner’s lips with yours without involving any tongue. It is a very quick kiss to express affection towards your partner, which shows the comfort level between you two.

10Lizard Kiss

In this type of kiss, the partners kiss with their tongue by rolling it round and forth without using lips. It is a highly intimate and passionate form of kissing that occurs between lovers who are crazy about each other.

So, on this Kiss Day try some new and different ways of kissing to impress your partner or lover.

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