A warm, tight, and comfortable hug from loved ones is the best feeling in the world. Hugs not only increase the physical proximity between two people but connect them emotionally as well. Hugs are the perfect way to express your love and affection towards your friends, family, and partners. During the Valentine week, Hug Day is celebrated on 12th February, every year around the globe. People celebrate this day by hugging their lovers, friends and family members and making them realize how much they care for them. Different types of hugs have different meanings and sentiments related to them. Here we will decrypt the emotions associated with different kinds of hugs.

1The Bear Hug

A warm bear hug is the purest form of expression of love. This sort of hug occurs between two people who are thrilled to see each other after a long time. A bear hug conveys the love to your partner and tells how much you missed them.

2The Buddy Hug

When your friend wraps his/her arms around you and gives you a light pat on the back that is called buddy hug. This type of hug generally occurs between two people who share a very close friendship like buddies.

3The Polite Hug

It is a formal kind of hug that happens between two people just for the sake of politeness. During a polite hug, you give a smile to the other person while hugging them and try to make very less body contact.

4The Quick Hug

This kind of hug generally occurs when you are in a hurry and have to be somewhere else. So you quickly give a hug to the person and rush to complete some other task. It is a very gentle task to convey the other person that it was nice meeting him/her, but you have to leave for some important work.

5The Sleepy Shoulder Hug

It is more of a lover’s embrace where both the guy and girl are wrapped in each other’s arm, and the girl rests her head on the guy’s shoulder. In this kind of hug, the girl expresses her affection towards the guy and feels safe and protected in his arms.

6The Snuggle Hug

This hug is shared between the lovers where they snuggle into each other’s arms and get all cosy and comfy while sitting on a couch watching TV. It shows that those two people are very comfortable in each other’s presence.

7The Squeeze Hug

The squeeze hug comes from someone who likes you so very much. It is a very passionate hug that shows you mean a lot to the other person and they have strong feelings for you.

8The Unanswered Hug

In this type of hug, one person hugs while the other one just stands still and doesn’t hug back this is why it is called unanswered hug. It shows either the other person has lost feelings for you or was never interested in you.

Now that you know about all the kinds of hugs and expressions associated with them decide soon which hug you are going to give to your friends and lover.

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