The month of March warm heartily welcomes the cheerful season of Spring, shedding the cold winters away. The formal celebration unmasks the celebrations of Holi -the most loved and celebrated festival of the year. Holi, falling on Friday, gives us an extra reason to beat the drums-movies. Get entertained and colored.

Rango Ki Holi- the vibrancy of colors, where people spending gala time by reuniting with family and friends with the tinkle of colors, is the truest essence of Holi. The festival is a symbolical commemoration of a legend from the Hindu Mythology- Krishna, the most cherished Lord for him immortal love. The air of Holi is filled with the aroma of colors, making each and everyone feel youthful and exciting. The joys of Holi will unearth some spectacular thriller movies that can be thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

If you are trying to avoid the colors that may make you go black and red, why don’t you try watching these movies listed below and enjoy your holiday? While watching these movies you may require Hanuman Chalisa or your better half beside you (wink). Following are the movies that fall on the day of colors. Book your seat now!

Pari: The Supernatural Holi

Good things come in pairs, vis-à-vis FRIDAY is filled with the joy of exuberant celebration of Holi and the movie lovers must awaited movies are releasing. This season unearths the best of both the worlds. Why not we grasp the most out of it? The Indian supernatural horror film, Pari, starring Anushka Sharma, disguised as the spooky Rukhsana is enough to run shivers down your spine.Ironically, the movie falls on the day of celebrations of colors, unmasking on 2nd of February. “Holi with Pari” will truly be one of the kind. By the glimpse of Pari’s trailers, the audiences have already been compelled with Anushka’s strikingly splendid performance.:

Lady Bird: Story of a Precocious Adolescence

A Lady who has wings, you must be thinking, no? Lady Bird is next in the row, brilliantly directed by Greta Gerwig, starring Saoirse Ronan as the red-haired “Lady Bird”. Set amidst Sacramento, California, the movie centers on Christine “Lady Bird” Mc Pherson. Gerwig’s Lady Bird is portrayed as the fret-free bird, who is not burdened by the cusp of changes, revolving in teenagers psyche. Having a jagged relationship with her mother who is deeply opinionated and tirelessly works to keep her family afloat after bird’s father losing his job. The movie beautifully highlights the essence of relationships that shape us breaks us or make us, the beliefs that define us and beautifully signals to make “Home Sweet Home”.

Veerey ki Wedding: Laughter Ride 

Let’s revive the roll and roll bling of wedding season with a pinch of laughter with this humorous comedy lined up in the row. Veery Ki Wedding, starring Pulkit  Sharma as “Veer”  and Jimmy Shergill as “Balli” the rowdy brother who can shake the shit of the person who runs onto his brother’s way. Veer has to get married but truckloads of problems are bumped in his way. How will he tie knots to the one he loves is a mystery which will be unveiled at the festival of colors.

Death Wish: Vigilante Hunt 

Looking an intensely hard action movie? Death wish comes to fulfill your wish. This classic remake of 1974’s Death Wish, is here to satiate you in this season of festival. Bruce Willis starring as Dr Paul Kersey turns into a vigilante when his wife is murdered and his daughter is brutally attacked by robbers. Paul seeks for vengeance, hunts for his family assailants to deliver justice to their souls. Fury and fate collide in the intense action-thriller movie.

Red Sparrow: Metamorphosis of a Prima Ballerina

How about hopping on popcorns and enjoying this great American Spy movie. Red Sparrow falls on Holi, based on a novel. Dominika Egorovo is a is a devoted daughter, headstrong to protect her mother in any way. When she suffers a career-ending injury, she along her mother is facing a bleak and uncertain future. Egorovo lands herself in the recruit seat for the Sparrow School, a secret intelligence service training exceptionally young people like her to use their bodies and minds as weapons. Unleash how the woman, all by herself shields her fellow people who are now at risk.

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