Books are a jungle of knowledge and you cannot wander in it all until you have read a bundle of them. The questions are not about how to read books, the question is how to finish reading them more quickly. I know someone who reads all the time and people call her a bookworm but hey, filling up yourself with some knowledge is not a bad idea.

So, I often ask her how to read more books in less time and her reply to me is that you need practice. She also says that reading more often makes you smarter. Some Life hacker reading methods are listed below and you can check them out below.

Bribe yourself

I know this is foolish but according to me it genuinely works. Just tell yourself that you will buy for yourself your favorite chocolate or maybe a cute little skirt that you have been eyeing for long if you finish the book right on the stipulated time.

Limit your distractions

Never look into your phone and keep checking your emails while you are reading because that is obviously going to distract you. You can take out a designated time in which you are allowed to touch your phone. You and your book should be all alone during that time.

Practice mind runner

You can challenge yourself while you are reading a book and put a timer on your phone. You can then check out every day how much words are you able to read in the provided time. Try to fight with your speed every day and this practice will genuinely motivate you to make a record.

Make use of free time

For a change, just try and change your routine and start reading your book whenever you feel you are free. No, we are not talking off skipping spending time with parents and friends and then giving priority to the book but at times when you are waiting for the metro or traveling to office from home and times when you absolutely do not feel like sleeping can be made good use of.

Read books that you enjoy

For a start, just read books that you actually enjoy. For instance, if someone really enjoys reading fiction, then he or she should first make some speed in reading them and then head up towards the other categories.

Read mouth along

If you have trouble reading something in the first place then just play the school teaching game with yourself that you used to play in the childhood. Imagine as if you are a teacher and start reading the words and explaining them to imaginary people sitting in front of you. Remember to practice this point when you are all alone.ROFL!

Keep a list

In your notepad, start keeping a list of books that you have read. Trust me, it will help you motivate yourself as the number of books in the list rises. You can also place the list on the wall of your room so as to spark your self reading habits.

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