You don’t just watch “FRIENDS”; you live it, experience it, and keep it with you for the rest of your life. We have watched it in happiness, failure, despair, heartbreak, excitement, etc. and it never failed to heal us and made us stronger for life. How after watching FRIENDS we discovered the sarcastic Chandler, hyperactive Monica, and geeky Ross of our life. And got so emotionally attached that while bingeing on the episodes of last season we felt that an important part of our life is reaching to an end. Besides entertaining us for a really long time FRIENDS does teach us some valuable lifetime lessons. So, here are few of the important lessons we learned from FRIENDS.

Friends are your extended family

Away from home friends are your extended family that comforts you in your gloomy days. It is not important to have a long list of friends, just your squad of favorite people is enough, who never judges you and stand by your side no matter what. How Monica stood for Rachael and Chandler supported Joey throughout is actually that defines what the true friendship is.

Be Yourself

At some point in life, we must have caught ourselves trying to be someone better or bigger to feel accepted in this world. The question is how can you expect someone to accept you if you cannot do it yourself? All you need to do is have faith in yourself, throw yourself out into the big world and be always ready to face life, come what may. Be the self-loving Joey, hyperactive Monica, or the street smart Phoebe in your life and embrace it!!

Set your priorities

Each one of us lives a different life and to live it happily we need to set the priorities right. For some, getting married before 30 and settle is an important thing while it bothers to few to settle at all, they just want to experiment as much as they can. Some people just want a reputed corporate job to have a secured financial life while some just want to follow their passion. And it’s completely okay to want certain things in life irrespective of what others think of it. The fight is that you need to prioritize what you want for yourself and once you have decided, there is no looking back, just go and get it!!

Sibling Bond is the best

No matter how much we fight our siblings, if a person ever dares to raise a finger on them, that person is dead. Such is the love of the siblings. Ross and Monica’s relationship is the perfect example of sibling’s love-hate relationship. They exposed each other in front of their parent’s countless time but always supported each other in the time of distress. The way Monica motivated Ross during his heartbreaks and how Ross helped Monica during her phase of financial crisis proves that siblings share a strong bond.

Never lose faith in Love

Heartbreak is as common as falling in love. But for some heartbreak almost means the end of the desires of life. One should not stop believing in love just because of a failed relationship. There is so much more to life than regretting one loss for the rest of it. Love is so beautiful and unexpected that you never know what may come next. Remember how Monica and Chandler found the love of their life into each other after a trail of unsuccessful relationships. That’s because they hold on to love and never lose their faith in it.

Accept your weakness

Nobody is perfect. Yes, you heard it, NOBODY. We all have some flaws and weaknesses; it could be a bad habit, a phobia, or an obsession. Instead of hiding and running away we need to accept and work on them. Like, how Rachael discovered that the financial dependency on her parents is her weakness and worked hard to earn a living for herself. And how Ross admitted that sometimes your excessive love and concern could make it difficult for your beloved to breathe in a relationship so you need to loosen a bit and give them personal space.

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