Games that can be played by teachers should be decided in a very thoughtful way. You cannot create funny games for teachers to play just like that. Be it indoor or outdoor, the teachers day games to needs to be really sophisticated because teachers stand at a very respective position in the society. You can sure lend your unique ideas for the teacher’s day theme but you also need to decide about the game very wisely. The party should be organised in a way that it brings a wide smile on your teacher’s face. The party games for teachers have been listed below and you check them out for more options or ideas.

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Well, Teacher’s Day falls on the 5th of September every year, it is made to pay the tribute to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan whose birthday falls on the same date. It was his wish that his birthday should not only about himself but about every teacher of the society. He respected education and the power of knowledge immensely. The then president’s birthday was thus named as teacher’s day to honor every teacher in the world.

teachers day games list

What is the first thing that comes to our mind, when we talk about our teachers. Studies, making notes, writing on the blackboards and taking good care of their class. Well, their work is really hard because it does take a strong person to mould another being into a noble and an educated one. We should respect them for the hard work that they do and for every sacrifice that they go through. Teachers are our mentors, they are like our second moms in school. They know how to lend affection when needed and also know how to stop us when we take the wrong direction.

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Giving them one day to rest and relax is a very good idea, make them feel entertained and respected. Because they deserve everything good in life. Here is a list of the game that you can make your teachers play on the occasion of teacher’s day.

Word Dam Charades

teachers day games list

We sure play the Bollywood and Hollywood Dam Charades, but when it comes to teachers, words are the perfect match. You can make a set of two teams and then one player of each team can come to display their talent. The team with the most points win the game.

Teacher Award Show

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You can organize a special award show for all the teachers, but you also need to keep in mind that every teacher should be awarded something or the other. For instance, you can get the custom made trophies and certificates. You can give trophies such as ” The best smile and so on.

Stage Performances

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Besides playing games, you can also organize dance performances or skits to entertain the teachers. You can search about their favorite songs and then plan accordingly. The stage performances should be decent though.

Lighting The Diyas

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This is a fun and a short game to play that will not take much of your time. You can place Diyas or candles in a line, whichever is available. Team up the teachers in pairs of two and give them some time limit. Whichever team lights the most candles with one matchstick wins the game.

Tug Of War

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The tug of war game can be played between teams of two of male and female teachers respectively or however you like. The game can be named “Kismein Kitna Hai Dum”. Do not forget to cheer them.

Book Ramp Walk

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This game will judge the competitors on the basis of their balancing talent. They will be keeping a book on their head and will be asked to walk the ramp without letting the book fall.


teachers day games list unique ideas

Tambola is also a great indoor game for teachers day. It can be played among them with some kind of gifts that will be given to the winner of the game. Tambola is a great piece of entertainment.

Blindfold Scribbling

teachers day games list unique ideas

The blindfold scribbling is a very fun and quick game and can be played inside the class as well. You can blind fold your teacher and then ask them draw something which should also be viable and readable.

General Knowledge Quiz

teachers day game list

You can play a quick game of general knowledge among teams of four or five. The quiz should be played like a buzzer game. The one who presses the buzzer fast wins the game.


teachers day game list

This game will entertain all the teachers very well. It can be played between groups until the other group is out of the songs.

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