Normally, the amazement of Valentines Day gifts for girlfriend and Valentine gifts for boyfriend raises the excitement bar to a 200%. What if you have to surprise your crush, what if your girlfriend demands the most ravishing evening for ya two. You definitely need ideas for that fella. Valentines Day ideas can differ between two people because obviously the way of thinking is not the same for everyone and that is what makes your own Valentine idea all exclusive.

Some people actually celebrate Valentines Day with panache but some of them do not really even celebrate it. According to them, every day is Valentines Day if you actually love that person. Yes, that is true to some extent because loving somebody instills a certain charm in life which is going to remain with you always and you do not need just one day to celebrate it.

Here is a list of things that people actually do on Valentines Day.

They Get a Photo shoot done

What is more amazing than stealing the zeal of Valentines Day and preserving your special moments forever and ever. Well, nothing! People get beautiful and cute shoots done by professional photographers on Valentines Day. Well, you can also get it done exclusively for you two.

They do some philanthropy

Some people are really really good at heart, so instead of spending thousands of bucks in a lavish restaurant, they spread the love. People actually fetch gifts and roses for the underprivileged so as to make their Valentine special and full of happiness.

They workout together

Going to the gym together is a great way to maintain a healthy body and spend time with your beau at the same time. And yes! People do it on Valentines Day as well. Hitting the gym and working out with the beats is a great idea for all the couples who love their body so much.

They Bake together

Organizing a competition of who bakes better is a sure fire way to bring that engaging spirit on Valentines Day. They play some slow and romantic background music at the behind and cook for each other together.

They play the truth and dare game

First-time couples want to know each and everything about each other so they play the truth and dare game for that purpose. They learn about each other likes and dislikes and eventually then the day is celebrated according to the former and latter’s preferences.

They go on a shopping spree together

Shopping is maddening for guys but, but they love it when its done for them. Couples, like choosing wardrobes according to each other’s choices and thus shopping spree, is a great idea to celebrate Valentines Day.

They binge watch serials

Couples who just want to spend time with each other in privacy spend Valentines Day watching their favorite serials with a bottle of wine and some popcorn to go with. This way they are able to cuddle too.

They spend it with their pets

A couple who is immensely in love with their dogs or cats spend the Valentines Day pampering and cuddling them. They take them for a walk together or just sit inside their blankets and keep on petting them.

They spend whole day roaming around, madly in love, and giving people #relationshipgoals

Here are some insights about what singles do and think on Valentines day.

🤣 I”ll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending that I don’t exist.

 🍾 Roses are red, Violets are blue, Vodka costs less than Dinner for two. 

🍌 Everyone’s all in love and in a relationship and I am just like Bananaaaaaaaa

 👸 When you love yourself!

While some people follow the theory that says that we all love our parents but we do celebrate mother’s day and father’s day to honor them so likewise, Valentines Day is for the love of your life. You obviously want to let them know that there is nothing more important than them and nobody is ever going to take their place in your life. According to me, things like this strengthen the relationship a bit more. It is just like “hard work”when you make efforts you are entitled to the reward sooner or later.

In generic, people celebrate Valentines Day starting from the 7th of February and the list goes on until the 21st of February. The complete Valentine date sheet is also available here. Here is the list of some brief descriptions so that you do not get confused with the dates.

Rose day falls on the 7th of February and is celebrated because the goddess of love and marriage “ Venus” loved roses over any other flower. On this day, you can offer any particular rose to your loved one. If you want to know about the color and number meaning of roses, you can refer to this article.

Propose day falls on the 8th of February and is celebrated to let your soulmate know how much you actually love them. If you are already married, you can propose them with a bang or can also let it remain a hushed affair.

Chocolate day falls on the 9th of February and is probably everyone’s favorite too. Giving a chocolate instills sweetness in the relationship and that is why chocolate day is a gala event for all the girls.

Teddy day falls on the 10th of February and it is celebrated to honor the love girls have for fluffy toys. Live up to your childhood once again and celebrate this beautiful day with lots of love.

Promise day falls on the 11th of February. You can make new promises or just renew your vows to keep up with the loyalty of this relationship.

Hug day falls on the 12th of February and it is celebrated to honor the inseparable closeness of you two in the relationship.

Kiss day falls on the 13th of February. It is rightly said that a kiss speaks when two people get short of words to express their love.

Valentines Day falls on the 14th of February and is the most awaited day out of the lot. All we want to say is spread love and get love.

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