Fashion Jewellery Care Instructions are all written on the pack itself but we chose not to follow them most of the time. Care should be done for all sorts of jewellery otherwise it gets tarnished. Thinking about the fact on how to take care of fake jewellery, the very first thing that you can for it is keeping the jewellery untangled and separately. Please do not keep it inside one drawer and all tangled because that might even break it. If you want to keep your imitation or artificial jewellery safe then resort to the tips written below.

People are always confused about how to store their costume jewellery so that it does not get tarnish. The artificial jewellery of yours could be a gift given by your best friend, your mommy or your life partner and you certainly do not want it to go through any kind of rust. Well, do not worry here are some tips on how to take care of your artificial jewellery in the right way. Follow these instructions and ensure their safety.

Always store them in a box possibly wrapped up individually

how to preserve artificial jewellery

First things first, keep your jewellery in a proper box and do not just keep them anywhere and everywhere. If you keep them with your clothes, they might get lost and if kept tangled, they might break.

Always remove artificial jewellery before going for a shower

how to preserve artificial jewellery

Make it a thumb rule to remove all sorts of artificial jewellery like earrings or rings before you head to shower or any sort of activity that involves dealing with water. If you keep on doing it, your jewellery will rust within a short span of time.

Keep your jewellery away from perfumes

how to preserve artificial jewellery

You should keep your jewellery away from any kind of perfume because if you spray it on the accesory it will cause the color of the jewellery to fade out.

Keep your jewellery away from hairspray

tips to preserve artificial jewellery

We know how hurried up you are during the morning hours and it becomes quite important to do everything in a hurry. But make sure to remove your artificial hair accessory, bangles or rings when using a hairspray. If you put in water frequently, it can cause the jewellery to rust out.

Do not keep different kinds of jewellery together

how to take care of artificial jewellery

Well, avoid keeping separate kinds of jewellery together, the reason being here is that it will cause the other to break. For instance, if you keep earrings together with bangles, the hook could get tangled with them and then it becomes harder to drift them apart that results in breaking of the accessory.

Try to keep them in separate plastic bags

how to preserve artificial jewellery

You can get those zip up bags from the market and store your jewellery inside them separately, doing this will save them from getting tangled and from air exposure as well.

Try to clean them from a wet cloth frequently

how to take care of your artificial jewellery

Wearing some accessory for the whole day drenches the particular in sweat and because of that, it acts as a warm home for bacteria and infections. To avoid such scenario, you should clean your jewellery from time to time, let it dry and then store it.

Do not store wet jewellery

how to save artificial jewellery from tarnish

Always let your jewellery dry first and then store it in the box as storing wet jewellery will cause it to develop tarnish over it.

Clean small edges of your jewellery with a toothbrush

tips to take care of imitation jewellery

You can clean small artificial jewellery with the help of your toothbrush and detergent water. The brush will help you clean off the dirt from the inside of the edges.

You can add shine to their color with the help of same color nail paint

tips on how to take care of artificial jewellery

If you think that your jewellery is losing its shine, then a simple hack of reviving it back is by putting some nail paint of the same of color over the artificial gem.

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