Veterans Day 2019- It is rightly said that there are no ex-soldiers, the title is always earned for forever. Well, which is why the United States of America celebrates the Veterans Day on November 11th annually to express gratitude to the American soldiers and also to encourage world peace. The Veterans Day was known as the Armistice Day until the year 1954. If you are also planning to honor a veteran nearby, check out our section about Veterans Day 2019: History, How to Celebrate, Parade and Deals Offered. Also check which restaurants give free meals on Veterans Day 2019.

Veterans Day 2019

First of all, the Veterans Day is not only a federal holiday it is something really close to every American’s heart. Lesser do we know what is Veterans Day and why do we celebrate it. The origins of the day actually date back to November 11, 1918 when the hostilities of the World War ended and the Armistice was signed. The Armistice Day was actually renamed as the Veterans Day in the year 1954 finally. The United States of America celebrates its Veterans with beautiful Veterans Day Messages, NYC Parades, Veterans Day freebies as well as free meals. Scroll below for more information.

veterans day 2019

Veterans Day 2019 History

As stated above, the historic Veterans Day was originated in the year 1918 when the World War 1 ended and the legal Armistice was signed. The thought of celebrating the Veterans Day arose in the year 1919 when the then President Woodrow Wilson celebrated the first Armistice Day by giving out an emotional speech about how the day actually felt to the Americans. One step led to another and the Veterans Day was made official. Check out the entire history related to it from below.

1926 Resolution : Request to make Armistice Day an official holiday

In the year 1926 Congress requested to pass a resolution to the then President Calvin Coolidge to pass proclamation of celebrating the Armistice Day with the help of appropriate ceremonies. The government approved this resolution on May 13, 1938 and thus the Armistice Day was made a legal federal holiday in the United States of America.

1947 First Armistice Day Celebration

A veteran from Alabama known as Raymond Weeks came out with an idea to celebrate all the Veterans of USA and not only those who fought during the World War 1. Gen. Dwight Eisenhowe also supported Week’s idea and the first Armistice Day for all Veterans was celebrated in the year 1947.

1954 Name of Armistice Day changed to Veterans Day

After a lot of amendments, Congress renamed the Armistice Day to Veterans Day in the year 1954. The National Veterans Award was also introduced during this year.

veterans day 2019 history

How do we celebrate the Veterans Day 2019?

The Veterans Day is a huge celebration in the United States of America. The government organizes many events for the annual celebration of the day. Although, the Veterans Day 2019 is a Federal Holiday but it is observed in all the government entities and offices. Check out the various way in which the Veterans Day 2019 is celebrated all over the states.

Veterans Day Parade New York City

Veterans Day Parade Timings: 11:15 am to 3:30 pm

Veterans Day Parade Venue : Fifth Venue at 23rd street

Veterans Day Parade Participants: Veteran Families, March Bands, Floaters etc.

The famous Veterans Day Parade of the New York City is organized by the United Wars Veterans Council on the occasion of Veterans Day every year. The origins of the parade dates back to the year 1919 and is termed as largest in the nation. More than 25,000 people take part in the parade. It is streamed live on WPIX.

Veterans day 2019 history

Veterans Day Messages

If you are confused about the fact that do you say Happy Veterans Day to people or not! Well, we are here with the crisp answer. Despite of Happy Veterans Day, you shall greet them with a Thank You. The gratitude feels more appropriate when talking to a Veteran. You can also share Veterans Day Messages and Cards with them on this occasion thus.

Frequently Answered Questions on Veterans Day

Do you say Happy Veterans Day?

Although it is not wrong to say so, but a better option is to express your gratitude to the Veteran on this occasion.

Is Veterans Day for active duty too?

Veterans Day on November 11 is dedicated to the former members of the U.S Army. The active duty servicemen are honored on Armed Forces Day.

Where are some free Veterans Day Meals?

Some restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings, Krispy Kreme and many others offer free meals on the occasion of Veterans Day.

Is Veterans Day a day off at work?

A few entities might offer a paid holiday to the employees on the occasion of Veterans Day as it is a federal holiday of the state.

Is post office and school open on Veterans Day?

The post offices do not deliver mails on Veterans Day and the schools are often closed too. But you should definitely check with the respective schools.

veterans day 2019

Veterans Day 2020

The Veterans Day 2020 will be celebrated on the November 11, 2020 which is a Wednesday. As this is a annual celebration, there is no change in the date. People usually celebrate the day by greeting and thanking to the Veterans of the war.

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