Halloween Celebration Office 2021 – Corporate work hard and party harder! But during Halloween time, its time we balance our work and enjoyment together. If you are HR, and you are quite confused about what Halloween Team Building Activities should one do at the workplace, well then first of all calm down, because we are going to brainstorm about the Halloween Event Ideas and Halloween Competition Ideas for work along with you. Another very amazing idea is to host a complete Halloween Week, during which you can organize games everyday! The games include Printable Halloween Games for Work, Desk Decoration etc. Scroll below for more Halloween Celebration Office 2021.

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Halloween Celebration Office 2021

The Halloween Celebration Office 2021 should be well organized and very well planned. Your first step should be to read about the history and the description of the festival. Read about the customs and traditions and try to modernize them accordingly with your games. Another way of coming out with the plans is to read about the following options.

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Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween office celebrations

This Halloween Costume tradition can be converted into a contest for the employees just by emailing them well in advance about the plans. This way everyone will put their best put forward for decking up up for the occasion which will eventually initiate the Halloween vibe.

Spooky Skit Game

halloween celebration ideas in office

Skits also known plays can be organized on the occasion of Halloween. Employees can form groups for the spooky skit and depict any of their favorite scenes to win the contest. This spooky skit game will entertain you the utmost and will also encourage team spirit.

Trick-o-Treat Game

Halloween celebration in office ideas

It is certainly not feasible for the employees to know at each office’s building on the building to ask for the Trick-o-treat, so you can modify the game by organizing this game among the employees. You can distribute chits and ask them to bring a treat just like they do in Secret Santa.

Boo Puzzle Game

halloween ideas celebrations 2021

The Boo Puzzle Game is a perfect way to engage employees while maintaining the decorum. You can handout the printout of puzzles and ask then to identify meaningful words. The person with the most number of words wins the game of words. Make sure you reward them with goodies.

Mummy Wrap Game

halloween celebration ideas 2021

The Mummy Wrap Game is a very simple game and would only require access of a toilet paper. All you have to do is arrange people in teams of 2 or 4. Ask them to elect a representative who will have to become the mummy. The game involves handling over toilet paper rolls to the teams, the teams will have to make wrap the representative and the eeriest mummy wins the game.

Pumpkin Carve Game

halloween celebration in office

If you want to play the Pumpkin Carve Game, then you will have to get the pumpkins in bulk and that to in advance. Divide the employees into teams. Eventually, the most beautifully carved pumpkin will win the game.

Guess the Prop Game

Halloween celebration in office

Spook people with this quirky game of guessing the prop inside the box. All you have to do is fill the box with things like dried grapes, horrific replicas, candies. The actual deal is to identify and name the object without looking. The individual with the most right guesses wins the game.

Guess the Movie Game

halloween celebration ideas office

This game will examine you if you are indeed a horror movie buff or not. The game includes handing out the chits to people with dialogues from different horror movies. All you have to do is identify which movie does the dialogue belong to. You can play this game either in groups or individually. 

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