If you have watched friends, you probably remember Rachel Green handing over paychecks to kids when the candies got over, Haha! you probably always have thought and dreamt of this kind of thing happening in the office as well.

Let’s stop making a mountain of a molehill and let’s start talking about some fun and quirky ideas to celebrate Halloween in the office itself.

The spooky skit game

This is probably the craziest and the most enjoyable activity you will ever have in the office premises. The best part of this game is that you get to socialize with other people as well. Teams can be given time limits and the topic would be impromptu. Prizes for the winning time can be set well in advance.

The trick-or-treat game

We are all kids by hearts hence we all probably love candies and chocolates. Since it is not feasible for us to knock at every office’s door in the building, the traditional trick or treats can be done in a modified way. People with the same initials can exchange candies and gifts of their choice. Sounds fun!

The boo puzzle game

I would assume you all have been playing this game since you were a child. It is easy as well as viable to play this game in the office itself. The printouts can be handed over individually to each person and a time limit can be set. Those with the highest number of words will be announced as winners.

The mummy wrapping game

Do not freak out if you come across toilet paper. Two of each member of the team will be asked to wrap another volunteer of the same time. Again, the eeriest mummy wins.

The pumpkin carving game

So for this kind of game, you will have to begin a little earlier than usual. The organizers can pool fund a few pumpkins and get them all prepared for the carving competition well before. The most creatively dressed pumpkin wins the game. Another plus point of this game is that the pumpkins can be used well for the office decor.

Guess the prop

This fulfills both your dreams of being the best organizer and spooking people as well. So, you can get any carton and wrap it all up so that it conceals whatever is kept inside. Now, put inside some viable and non-edible things which people can touch and identify. Other things which you will have to put inside include all the biodegradable waste which you can gather from your kitchen backyards such as dried cauliflower, peeled grapes and etc.

The guessing game

All the movie buffs need to get ready for the exam of their life. Just kidding bro, all those who prove to be movie champions get the chance to prove themselves. Curate some very good movie dialogues from horror movies and ask people to guess the right one. The team with the most number of right answers gets to have free beverages.

“ Pixie, Kobold, Elf, and sprite,
All are on their rounds tonight ;
In the wan moon’s silver ray,
Thrives their helter-skelter spray”.
Joel Belton

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