Halloween 2022: Spirits & Ghosts, Gleaming Pumpkin Carvings, Disneyland’s Not So Scary Halloween, China Glaze Nails and Halloween Painted Faces, basically all of these sum up the celebrations for us. There is even more to the Halloween Calendar of Events which makes October the most happening time of the year. Celebrated on the 31st October, Halloween, Allhalloween or All Saints Eve is widely known for a celebration dedicated to the dead or demised. So, if you are indeed yearning to know more about the Halloween Costume Ideas, Events, Songs, Captions, glide on with us through the sections below.

Halloween 2022

The Celtic Festival Halloween is believed to have Pagan Roots, the popular activities revolving around which include disguising, Trick-o-treat, Pumpkin Carvings, Lighting Candles, Haunted Attractions, Apple Bobbing, Bonfire Sessions as well as decorating Jack-o-Lanterns. Celebrated all around the world, the Halloween Sweets and Desserts have been influenced by many cultures now. Check out our list Halloween Costume Ideas, Special Events,Captions for Instagram and also send out Happy Halloween Images and Pictures to your buddies.

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What Date & Day is Halloween Celebrated?

Like stated above, the Halloween is celebrated on the 31st October annually and is associated with many ancient legends and stories one of which is the Samhain belief which states that the winter time is the lineal time of the year when the thin line between this world and the otherworld diminishes. Simply put, fairies and spirits are more active during this time. Hence, people offer treats, prayers to their ancestors and deceased members of the family during this time. The Halloween is always on the 31st October and is more popular in the United States of America, Canada and Ireland.

Halloween Costumes Ideas

Some want to dress up as Beyonce, while some go for completely lame ideas like Pencil and Eraser. Every heart wants to realize their own desire of disguising in their favorite character’s costume which is why the celebration of Halloween have now become popular in most parts of the world. Some costumes are so evergreen that people prefer them year after year. Scroll below to know about various Halloween Costume Ideas to disguise in.

Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

Flaunt your love and affection by mismatching your Halloween Costumes with your significant other. All you to do is be a little creative with your darling. Scroll below for some crisp Halloween Costume Ideas.

# Mickey and Minnie

Pay honor to your beloved Disney characters by disguising as them. You will easily get these from any Disney merchandise shop or online store and the plus point kids in the party are certainly going to love you in this outfit.

#Bacon and Eggs

Want to flaunt out your sense of humor in the party well then you can for this easy peasy dress for Halloween. All you need to do is purchase an Egg and a Bacon costume and go flattering your love among everyone there.

#Uncle Sam & Statue of Liberty

Pay some respect to your country by being the Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam for Halloween celebrations. This costume idea never goes out of style because it is associated with the United States of America.

Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Toddlers are called so because they tod around anywhere and everywhere and that is why it is very important that one purchases a comfortable and creative costume for them. Check out some ideas for Toddler Halloween Costumes from below.

# Baby Shark Halloween Costume

Does your toddler love listening to Baby Shark on loop? Well, dress em him or her up in a shark onesie and Tadaa your very own cute Baby Shark is ready to yark yark.

# Lego Movie Costumes

Toddlers love playing along with Lego so it is a great idea dress them in the same manner. You can purchase the dress from any store that specializes in Halloween Costumes.

# Little Bee Costume

Make your little honey a little Honey Bee in real life for the Halloween Costume party. Make sure you also carry a little honey for your sweetie pie along with you.

Quick Halloween Costumes Ideas

Are you a lazylad? Do not want to waste your time and efforts on getting ready? Well, go for the these simple and Quick Halloween Costume Ideas.

# Ketchup Bottle

Being a ketchup is a very cool idea because it works as last minute option for many. You can simply wear a all red dress along with a bottle cap.

# Life & Lemons

You must have heard about the famous phrase ” When life gives you Lemons, make lemonade”, well then become an inspiration for all by wearing a tee inscribed with the word ” Life” and carry some Lemons along with you.

Where to Buy Halloween Costume From?

There are many costume stores worldwide which deal in Halloween Costumes but there are some really exquisite ones that look like a a Halloween House from North to the South. You can check out there amazing collection of options and rock the cosplay in disguise. Besides that you can also check out stores that deal in Halloween decorations as well.

  • Spirit Halloween Locations U.S.A
  • Dollar Tree Halloween
  • Scentsy Halloween

Happy Halloween Images

Images are the best way to spook and wish your friends at the same time. We have a range of options of Free Halloween Images ranging from Cute Halloween Images, Scary Halloween Images and other Halloween Images to Download. Hurry up and download these flickering and dazzling Happy Halloween Images.

happy halloween images 2021

Happy Halloween Images Download

happy halloween images 2021

Happy Halloween Images Download

happy halloween images 2021

Happy Halloween Images Download

happy halloween images 2021

Happy Halloween Images Download

happy halloween images 2021

Happy Halloween Images Download

happy halloween images

Happy Halloween Images Download

happy halloween images 2021

Happy Halloween Images Download

happy halloween images 2021

Happy Halloween Images Download

Halloween Events

Events and Celebrations around Halloween are considered are a huge hit. They actually instill the feeling and vibe of the festival among the citizens. Many Halloween events have been going on since many generations now. You can check out the list of the Halloween Events from down below.

# Howl-o-Scream

Where : Tampa Bay, Florida

The Howl-o-Scream is considered as the scariest event of Tampa Bay , Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The event includes haunted houses, mazes, scare zones and has a very high intense violent and horrific theme. It is not recommended for children under 13.

# Over Watch Halloween

The Over Watch is an online theme based gamed launched by Blizzard Entertainment Co. The Over Watch Game Trend usually begin a month or two before Halloween. Many characters, skins, Halloween themed weapons are introduced during this time.

# Universal Halloween Nights

Where : Los Angeles, Singapore, Orlando, Singapore and Japan

Experiencing Universal Halloween Nights is a precious dream of many. It usually starts in the month of September until the final day of Halloween. Many themed shows and attractions related to famous Universal series are shown here.

# Widespread Panic Halloween

Where : UNO Lakefront Area

The Wide Spread Panic is a rock band that has been together since about 30 years now. They perform annually on Halloween for about 3 days in total. Many band lovers attend the concert just to have a glimpse of them.

# Science Center Halloween

Where : Baltimore, Maryland

The Science Center of Maryland hosts any of the most popular Halloween parties in Baltimore City. The full on music festival, craft beer and costume contests are organized here.

How to Celebrate Halloween

To celebrate Halloween, it is very important to know how did Halloween start and why? So, here is the deal. The pagan festival was started by Irish and is related to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. It is believed that people would light up bonfires during this time of the year to ward off spirits and ghosts. As time flew by Halloween in U.S.A started to be celebrated as the day to honor saints. Now, that you know about the history, check out the ways in which you can celebrate Halloween.


The Trick-o-Treat in an ancient tradition where kids below 12 years of age disguise in Halloween and knock their neighbor’s doors and ask to choose between tricking them or getting a treat. Candies and various kinds of Halloween Sweets are made and distributed on the occasion.

Relish these amazing Halloween Sweets & Desserts

Halloween Music For Kids

Parties are certainly incomplete without some music and songs, so if you are looking to celebrate Halloween along with your family, do compile a list of Halloween evergreen numbers so that guests can tap their feet to the amazing collection of songs. Here is a list of Halloween Music for Kids.

  • Ghost Busters
  • Monster Mash
  • Witch Doctor
  • Purple People Eater
  • Five Creepy Spiders
  • Who Took the Candy
  • Baby Shark Halloween

Best Halloween Movies

Movies are a great way of entertainment. You can enjoy your day along with your family by watching awesome Halloween Movies that are scariest as heck.Check out the list of the special Halloween flicks below.

You cannot survive these Halloween Movies alone.

Halloween Face Paint Ideas

Face Painting is a cool option for those who are looking to disguise themselves for the Cosplay, the most trendy face paint ideas include Skeleton, Animals and various other cartoon characters.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving is activity associated with Jack-o-Lantern tradition. The story states that Jack-o-Lantern is usually a vegetable carving. The light flickering tradition is believed to have been inspired from Irish immigrants. However, the name was inspired by a man called Stingy Jack who was doomed to roam around Earth with only Turnip to light its way.

Halloween Celebration at Office

Halloween Parties in Office are always lit as everyone comes disguised so creatively. Besides, disguising there are many activities that go on side by side some of which include Halloween Food, Pumping Carving Activity, Playing Pranks etc. Know more Halloween Parties at work from below.


Halloween will be celebrated on the 31st October because the date for the celebration do not change every year. The events and activities like Trick-O-Treat, Halloween Costume Parties and Pumpkin Carvings will be a part of the celebrations worldwide. The day will clash with a Saturday Night and double up the festive mood for upto 200%.

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