People who suffer from badly sweating hands and feet usually search for solutions like how to cure sweaty hands forever. A lot of people use those alcohol filled wipes for keeping their hands off sweat but how to stop sweaty hands naturally is actually the thing that you need to know. The sweaty hand problem can also be curbed permanently at home.

Imagine, going for an interview and then shaking hands with your interviewer with all those sweat filled finger and palms. Oh my god, just think what kind of impression your sweaty hands are going to create. And hands and fingers alone are not the culprits our feet also have the tendency to sweat a lot which is utterly uncomfortable as well. While the problem of the feet can be concealed, the hands cannot.

So, here are some ways to treat sweat hands and feet. Check them all out below.

Dip them in tea tree oil

The tea tree oil has astringent properties and can help you a long way in lessening the sweat of your fingers and feet. You just need to put a few drops of tea tree oil in lukewarm water and dip some cotton into the mixture. Now, rub this cotton on your feet and fingers and tadaa you are done.

Use the Potato Skin

Potato skin is full of ingredients that help our skin a lot, be it for baggy eyes, dark circles or for a sweaty finger. They are there to rescue. The process is quite easy as you only need to take the potato slice and rub it over both the palms and feet. Let it be there for some time and then wash it off. Do this every day.

Sprinkle some powder

Sprinkling some powder is the most effective way to curb the sweat. It is widely used for this purpose for other parts of the body as well which makes it amazingly effective on your palms and feet as well. It is quick remedy no matter where you are! Just sprinkle and you are done.

Keep away the stress

It is believed that stress and worrying actually triggers the sweating in hands and feet. So, one possible way in which you can curb the drenching is to be calm and not stress at all. For instance, if you have ever noticed you tend to sweat a lot when you are holding your beau’s hands. So, be at peace.


We all know that roses are extremely amazing and they have the nicest smell so why not let your hands and feet smell of them. First, wash your feet and hands with some lukewarm water. Now, boil the rose petals for about 15 minutes and then wash your feet again with the strained water. You can also apply it with a cotton swab.

Sandalwood Powder

Sandalwood powder has been used for beauty and healing purposes since ages now and it is still impressively effective. You can either use it along with the rosewater or lime juice. Just apply the paste to your feet and wash it off. The regular use of this paste will help you reduce the sweaty hands and feet to a great extent.

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