A woman’s life can be tough. Cassandra Calin can help all of us woman laugh about our everyday problems.

She remarks On Her Website ” Hello!, My name is Cassandra. I’m a cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Montreal. I currently work on a semi-autobiographical webcomic series in which I talk about my everyday life, personal experiences and first world problems.”

The 21-year-old Romanian Canada-based artist depicts that “The majority of my ideas are, in fact, my own experiences and events that actually occurred. I tend to write them in a notebook and then pick whichever ones I find particularly funny.”

Check Them Out!

Doing Your Hair

Oh! A Racoon!

I Will be on a strict Diet…From Next Time!


Applying Eyeliner

Umm.. Tans…

Oh Yeah… That Hurts!

Surely, Not A Sleeping Beauty!



Every Morning!

Please Take It Back!

Let Me Take A Selfie!


Hey! Hi! Wait.. What? Yes! No!

It’s Gonna Be Beautiful… Until..

True Story!

Wearing Lipstick!

Seems like a Lemon On My Head!



Ok, That’s It, But Its True!

Kudos to Cassandra Calin 🙂

You Can Check Her Art Work Here- Tumblr  Facebook  

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