World Environment Day 2019 : Date, Logo, Theme, Poster, Article, Host Country and Quotes

World Environment Day 2019 – Smoggy Winters, Dust Storms, Allergic Noses, Less Trees, Dirty Water Bodies ! These are some elements that we see on daily basis. And all of that is the cause and effect of the Unfortunate Environment Pollution that is caused by the the various activities done by humans. To create awareness about the protection of our environment, the United Nations designated June 5 to be celebrated as the World Environment Day 2019. The theme for which is different every year. The World Environment Day 2019 Theme is ” Beat The Air Pollution”.

World Environment Day 2019

The World Environment Day 2019 commenced in the year 1972 at the United Nations General Assembly. Celebrated by more than 143 countries in collaboration with the U.N, the World Environment Day has become the top medium for creating awareness against the Environment Change. Check out the World Environment Day 2019 : Date, Logo, Theme, Poster, Article, Host Country and Quotes from the sections below.

World Environment Day 2019 Date

The World Environment Day 2019 is celebrated on the June 5 every year and there is no change in date annually. It was started in the year 1972 after the United Nations General Assembly and in the year 1974, the World Environment Day was celebrated with the theme for the first time. The world has been celebrating the World Environment Day since about 44 years now.

World Environment Day 2019 Logo

The Logo for World Environment Day 2019 is not officially established but a picture of the Earth and the Trees are normally chosen to picturize the Environmental Impact on the Earth on the occasion of the World Environment Day 2019. The most significant colors of the World Environment Day 2019 Logo always are Blue and Green depicting the two elements of Earth which are water and plants.

World Environment Day 2019 Theme

The World Environment Day 2019 Theme is ” Beat the Air Pollution” which simply means the various ways by which we can fight the aftermaths and disadvantages of the Air Pollution which is affecting our environment since years now. The World Environment Day 2019 Theme supports the actions that we can take up as responsible citizens to improve the air around us. The World Environment Day 2019 has been celebrated in accordance with many themes since its inception in 1972. Check out the entire timeline of World Environment Day 2019 Themes from below.

Beat Air Pollution!

But what is Air Pollution in the first place? Well, our Earth suffers different kinds of pollution like Water Pollution, Noise Pollution and Air Pollution. The Air Pollution is defined as the depletion of the quality of air due to invasions by harmful and poisonous substances. The Theme of the World Environment Day 2019 is ” Beat Air Pollution”.

The World Environment Day 2019, the host country China will be celebrating the day with the theme Beat Air Pollution. The focus will be on various in which we can defend the ill effects caused by the same.

Year Themes
1974Only one Earth during
1975Human Settlements
1976Water: Vital Resource for Life
1977Ozone Layer Environmental Concern; Lands Loss and Soil Degradation
1978Development Without Destruction
1979Only One Future for Our Children – Development Without Destruction
1980A New Challenge for the New Decade: Development Without Destruction
1981Ground Water; Toxic Chemicals in Human Food Chains
1982Ten Years After Stockholm
1983Managing and Disposing Hazardous Waste
1985Youth: Population and the Environment
1986A Tree for Peace
1987Environment and Shelter: More Than A Roof
1988When People Put the Environment First, Development Will Last
1989Global Warming; Global Warning
1990Children and the Environment
1991Climate Change. Need for Global Partnership
1992Only One Earth, Care and Share
1993Poverty and the Environment
1994One Earth One Family
1995We the Peoples: United for the Global Environment
1996Our Earth, Our Habitat, Our Home
1997For Life on Earth
1998For Life on Earth – Save Our Seas
1999Our Earth – Our Future – Just Save It!
2000The Environment Millennium – Time to Act
2001Connect with the World Wide Web of Life
2002Give Earth a Chance
2003Water – Two Billion People are Dying for It
2004Wanted! Seas and Oceans – Dead or Alive?
2005Green Cities – Plan for the Planet!
2006Deserts and Desertification – Don’t Desert Drylands!
2007Melting Ice – a Hot Topic?
2008Kick The Habit – Towards A Low Carbon Economy
2009Your Planet Needs You – Unite to Combat Climate Change
2010Many Species. One Planet. One Future
2011Forests: Nature at your Service
2012Green Economy: Does it include you?
2013Think.Eat.Save. Reduce Your Foodprint
2014Raise your voice, not the sea level
2015Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care
2016Zero Tolerance for the Illegal Wildlife trade
2017Connecting People to Nature
2018Beat Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day 2019 Poster

The World Environment Day Posters are usually used for school projects or by campaigners to raise awareness about the theme that is designated by the World Environment Day 2019 Theme. The Posters should be able to depict the main aim which you are trying to convey. Check out the awesome World Environment Day 2019 Posters from here.

” Air Pollution is a Danger.”

“Save Trees, they Emit Oxygen.”

” Save The Water Bodies.”

” I Believe in God, only I Spell it as Nature.”

” Think, Breathe, Act, Save the Earth.”

” On this World Environment Day, Take a Pledge to Save the Earth.”

” Don’t Make a Mask Necessary, Stop Air Pollution.”

” Air Pollution is the Root Cause of Respiratory Problems.”

” More Than 100,000 Chemicals are Produced Commercially.”

” This is the only home we have, let us stop destroying our home.”

World Environment Day 2019 Host Country

Every year on the June 5, the World Environment Day 2019 is hosted by some the country chosen by the United Nations. The Host Country of World Environment Day 2019 is China. Many countries have hosted the celebrations of the World Environment Day since the year 1972. Check out the timeline of the World Environment Day 2019 Host Countries from below.

Year World Environment Day Host Country
1990Mexico City
1992Rio de Janeiro
1993Republic of China
2002People’s Republic of China
2005San Francisco
2009Mexico City
2011New Delhi
2018New Delhi

World Environment Day 2019 Article

Check out the article on World Environment Day 2019 from the section down below.

The World Environment Day 2019 is a celebration initiated by the United Nations Assembly in the year 1972 to promote and create awareness about ill effects of pollution on Mother Earth. The issues covered by the World Environment Day include factors such as Global Warming, Over-Population, Marine Pollution as well as Sustainable Consumption. The First World Environment Day with a Theme ” Only One Earth” was celebrated in the year 1974.

It is rightly said the Man is the creator and the destroyer too. First of all, he creates things and then overdoes them which eventually causes harm to our Mother Earth. For instance, us humans discovered plastic. There is no harm in saying that it indeed has many uses attached but now it has become a havoc to the society. Animals, Humans, everyone are equally are affected by it. Just like plastic, there are a lot of elements that contribute to the Environment Pollution.

There are many ways in which we can contribute to save the Environment and the Mother Earth. Some of which are planting trees, throwing garbage at the right place, controlling the population, not using plastic, Reusing Non-Biodegradable Substances, Using Car Pool etc. We can also create awareness about the World Environment Day 2019 by educating people around us.

As it is rightly said, Earth is our Home and we only have one! Do not destroy your own home as there is no alternative. If threats to the Environment persists, it will certainly become difficult for us humans to live. So,start doing your bit towards saving the environment.

World Environment Day 2019 Quotes

” Take Care of the Earth and She Will Take Care of You.”

” Earth Provides Enough to Satisfy Our Needs, But Not Our Greed.”

” When We Heal the Earth, We Heal Ourselves.”

” The Greatest Threat to Earth is that Someone Else Will Come and Save the Earth.”

” The Earth is what we all have in Common.”

” Beat Plastic Pollution, Save the Earth.”

” Protect the Earth Today for our children Tomorrow.”

World Environment Day 2019 History

The history of the World Environment Day 2019 dates back to the year 1972. The United Nations Assembly Conference took place from June 5 until June 16 in Stockholm, Sweden where many countries and officials gathered together to discuss about a common outlook which could be proposed for enhancing the protection of our environment on the whole.

Later in the month of December, the United Nations Assembly passed a resolution where in it was decided that the World Environment Day will be celebrated on the June 5 every year. Countries all over the world were urged to find ways and make policies in accordance with the general Environment Protection Methods. The celebration of the World Environment Day has spread worldwide since the year 1972.

The World Environment Day is celebrated annually with a different theme which talks about the various menaces of the Earth some of which include Depletion of Ozone Layers, Global Warming, Toxic Chemicals etc. The first World Environment Day Theme “Only One Earth” was initiated in the year 1974.

Causes of Air Pollution

There are many reasons which contribute to the Air Pollution in Environment, some of which are :

  • Burning of Fossil Fuels
  • Coal Burning Power Plants
  • Industrial Smoke
  • Usage of Diesel Generators
  • Poisonous Transport Emissions
  • Burning of Agriculture Waste
  • Open Waste Burning
  • Dust Storms
  • Volcanic Erruptions
  • Smoking

How To Beat the Air Pollution

As citizens of the world, we can help in a lot of ways to reduce Air Pollution. Starting from simple ways one by one will definitely make a huge difference in the checking on the level of Air Pollution in our environment. Check out some ways in which you can contribute in beating the Air Pollution, this World Environment Day 2019.

  • Use Car Pool for Work or School
  • Do Not Use Your Car for Shorter Distances.
  • Do not burn Trash in Open
  • Please Quit Smoking
  • Use Public Transport
  • Buy Energy Efficient Vehicles
  • Make use of Solar Energy
  • Do Not Use Hazardous Chemicals
  • Lessen your usage of AC
  • Get your car serviced as and when required

World Environment Day 2020

The World Environment Day 2020 will fall on the June 5 as the date of the World Environment Day do not change annually. The Hosting Country and World Environment Day 2020 Theme has not been designated and decided yet. The World Environment Day 2020 will fall on a Friday.

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