Pups are a blessing in disguise, they are quiet, mellow and gives an extra reason to be happy. There is a tendency for some dogs to be shy and insecure in their surroundings. Which is why they take a good amount of time to mingle and mix up with you. They don’t really participate in the activities and go shy. But you don’t have to be hardened to get your pup on track. Patience, my friend can help in building a good relationship with your fearful dog, who is sensitive and quiet. You must indulge to encourage your pup by going all slow and earn its trust.

Those timid pups may not utter a word or two to express their emotions. One has to develop the flair of knowing their language. It gets hard if the pup is too laid down or doesn’t respond to you all the time. Gaining their attention is very important. It will turn out to be hard to train them but with patience, one can do it successfully. Here are some points to ponder over to take into consideration for training your timid dog, right.

Building The Wall of Trust

Timid Dogs need special attention. Especially when they are too laid back and doesn’t perform the activities with joy. It becomes crucially important for you to build their trust for enhancing their personality. Instill the seed of Trust by patting them, stroking their hair and giving them slow sessions. This way your dog will realize your importance and you will earn the trust of your beloved Dog.

Introducing your Dogs to various Experiences

You don’t have to bore your dog with those regular exercises which you make it do all over again. Invest a bit of an extra effort to introduce your dogs to a variety of experience. Don’t just play those catching ball games. Make sure you expose them to newer games, environment, and people. This way they will learn how to adapt to things they are not used to.

Regular Appraisals

Your cute timid dog is no less than a baby. If you tell it what is wrong and what is right, they will easily realize it and work. Constant levels of appraisals are crucially important for your lil pug, as it gets to know how to get into a work and remain work upon it. Loving them, running hands on their fur and appraising them for their doings will encourage them to do and gain their trust.

Don’t Give up on them

Just because their response level is not unto your expectation. You dare be hard on them. Never should you ever utter cruel words to you pet. They may not have a tongue to speak but understand the gestures and emotions. Your one step set against them can prove as a doom.You must not forget to try harder and work to get the things done. Giving up is the last choice you might want to take.

Train them Discipline

Your pup may be too tied up with itself, and ignoring the basic level of discipline. So there are chances they would not know how to respond and maintain the decorum. For matters like these, try using a leash, using it can fairly improve its chances to respond nicely and get trained. Happily hold their hand and take them to walks. Command them “Stop” if they are creating nuisance. All this should be taken care of with a sweet and low voice.

Train them where to pee outside

Letting them know where to pee and poop is also a crucial task to maintain the hygiene. If your dog doesn’t wag his tails and vent his pee indoors. Then it is high time you should be letting them know how to do these things and where. Once your dog is comfortable with you, explain them the importance to go out to get light. You don’t have to yell at your dog at all. Take things with ease.

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