I personally love the way these guys look when they are all dressed up, but unfortunately, my doggo begs to differ with this fact. He is a swagger I tell you, he does not wear anything that I force him to, he is just so resistant to fabric and stuff. He has never worn a normal tee in his life leave aside wearing sweater and coats. His Swag level = 100 /100.

If you have a puppy who has very short hair or perhaps a thin body, then he should undoubtedly wear winter clothes so as to secure himself from the chilling weather and prevent temperature-induced illnesses.

Here are some options for the most lovable Jackets and Winter wear for your dog this winter.

The Hoodie Coat

Picture Credits – Amazon

The picture instantly makes me go aww and also makes me wanna have this hoodie right now. The product is just like a shark onesie and is also made up of premium material. It is available on Amazon for a price of $11.59 and is comfortable and warm enough for the winters.

Puffer Dog Jackets

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Available for $49.95, it is made of high-quality material and guess what ? it is reversible as well. The product is specially designed for adventure dogs as the long arms of the coat help in running up and walking in a very comfortable way. The beautiful check patterned quilted jacket will keep him cozy as well.

Hooded Snow Suit Apparel

Picture Credits – Amazon

Available for $13.89, the product is made of warm fleece lining and suede material. If you want your pooch to look like a rapper, this one is the best bet for you. Besides all this, it is windproof and lightweight as well. Buy this and Make your dog look like a handsome hunk.

Winter Fleece Jacket

Picture Credits – Amazon

I fail to understand where do these guys get so much cuteness from and wearing a beautiful winter fleece coat on the top of that is an icing on the cake. Available for $15.92, the coat will keep your doggie warm from the collar to his tail. It is waterproof and a perfect choice for small breeds.

Pull Up Sweater

Picture Credits – Amazon

Available for $28.80, it will make you fall in love with your pet again. The fabric resembles knitwear and is stretchable as well. This is perfect to wear inside of the house, as it is not waterproof.

Camouflage Hoodie

Picture Credits – Amazon

If your dog is all disciplined and behaves all army like, this one is the best bet for him. After all camo’s are quiet in this season. The product comes with a hoodie accentuating the look to a further extent. It is available on Amazon for $13.89.

It’s cold outside, please say you will keep me warm this winter.

~Your doggo

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