Summers for some of us is a well-enjoyed weather, where one gets the liberty to lead their lives on their own terms. Kids too relish the season as they get to remain outdoors and prickling sweat. The scorching sun rays heat up the surroundings badly and your Lil chub can be affected too. As Summers are approaching, the warmth is bound to be felt even indoors. The advent of Shining sun rolls as a Hot Ball, punching us with its dose of heat. The soaring sun sucks the energy levels out of a person. Imagine how cruel would it be to your lil dear ones. 

To ensure their Health, it becomes a prime most duty for you to safeguard your Children from the harms of Summers. Here is a useful list of Useful Do’s and Dont’s for your Kids to kill the heats of Summers. 


Make sure your Kid is all Hydrated

To beat the scorching heat, You must ensure your Kid is consuming about 6-8 Litres of Water every day. If your Lil kid cherishes outdoor activities, you must ask him to carry a water bottle with him and drink at regular intervals. The body loses more fluid through sweating and being hydrated can conquer all the problems. Keeping in mind,  Water shouldn’t be icy cold as he may catch up bad cold and cough. 

A Good Afternoon Nap

Days are longer and your Lil kid is all active and races here and there. But you must keep in mind of getting him a Good noon’s nap.  The body needs rest and to ensure your lil champ gets enough rest, go an extra mile. After serving him with Lunch, get him to bed. This way his body will be relaxed and would open up to much energy. 

Platter of Foods with High Water Content

You must ensure your kid is given fruits and veggies that have a good amount of water content in them. The stroke of summers can be very frustrating and irksome. Your lil champ should not be affected by it. Fruits and Vegetables Salad filled with Cucumbers, capsicum, muskmelon, and watermelon must be consumed by your child on day to day basis.

Lathering a Good Amount of Sunscreen

The delicate skin of Children is prone to the vulnerabilities of Skin Diseases. It is equally important for your Child to be protected from the Sun rays. You must ensure your child does not get the exposure to the Sun during 10 am to 4 pm. If your child is out for school, make sure he/she carries Sunscreen along with him. Also, ask your child to cover his/her head with cloth or hat (After School).


Your child should not overdo Fizzy drinks

To beat the intensity of Heat, Children get inclined towards the cold beverages like Sodas and Cokes Bottles. Make sure your kids are way away from the range of  Caffeine/Alcohol has a tendency to act as diuretics or fluid loss in the Body. Make sure your kid is away from the fizzy drinks. Rather your Lil chap should be treated with Fresh home-made Limewater and Juices. 

Not to get decked in Synthetics

Your grown-up toddler shouldn’t be decked in Synthetics during crisp summers. Make sure his wardrobe does not have any linen of Polyesters, Synthetics or any other cloth material which does not absorb heat. The synthetics get skin hugging and irks the child. Cool, loose-fitted cotton should be worn out by your kids.

Don’t let your Kids remain Outdoors

The Hot Sun spares no one. It’s better to be shielded by it as far as possible. Especially in the peak times, don’t let your Child slip in the afternoon sessions. The scorching heat knows no bound and may affect your child in a way you possibly cannot imagine. Aware your child the barrier you put for going outside and adjust the timings of their coachings and play times. 

Avoiding Junks and Water from Outside

Street vendors offer food where mosquitos breed on. There are times even the Food outlets does not offer their customers with good quality of food. In all this situation, one has to make sure your kid is out from the dangers of Junks. Make sure your children get lip-smacking snacks cooked by the home which are fresh and in good standard.

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