Movies to Watch on Halloween have been listed over here for you to choose and binge watch until the day of Halloween. There are a lot of classifications when it comes to Halloween.

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There are family movies, Halloween Movies for Kids and the super scary ones which are meant for the everyone to watch. The Best Halloween Themed Movie has been the “Exorcist”. Best Movies and Shows on Halloween also include Micheal Myers which is a series of slasher films.

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Out of all the Best Horror Halloween Movies, the Exorcist is a movie that is still considered a hit. The reason for being so famous is that the movie gives chills to people until now. The story is up to the mark. The Horror Movies for Halloween is all about having fun and watching it with everyone. Moreover these horror movies prove as a great Halloween Prank too.

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Best Halloween Movies : List of Top 10 Best 

1The Exorcist

Released On : 26th December 1973

Produced By : Hoya Productions

Total Earnings : $232,906,145

The cast of the movie includes Linda Blair, Ellen Burstyn and Max Von Sydow in the lead roles. The movie’s set was also believed to be cursed as lot of horrific incidents happened during the shoot and also after it. The plot is about a girl ” Regan” who experiments with an Ouija Board and a toy which is related with a statue of Pazuzu ( ancient demon). After the incident, many mentally and physically changes that happen with a girl. Medical Supervision is also challenged during the filming. The viewers have also reported fainting during watching the movie.

2The Shining

Released On : 23rd May 1980

Produced By : The Producer Circle

Total Earnings : $44,728,227

The movie has a horrific plot which will surely force you to hide in your blanket and keep the light on while watching the movie. The movie is about an isolated hotel where a lot of horrifying things happen. A family of four visit the hotel during their vacations and soon the kid finds their father is possessed. After a lot of incidents and acts of violence, the movie finally concludes.

3Halloween : The Curse of Micheal Myers

Released On : 29th September 1995

Produced By : Paul Freeman

Total Earnings : $15,116,634

The story of the movie is about a masked murderer who is also a psychopath. He has been on a killing spree since the movies past parts and this time it is Jamie, his niece who is on the radar. The story also consists of an element about the sacrifice on Samhain. You must watch it under adult supervision.

4A Nightmare on Elm Street

Released On : 9th November 1984

Produced By : New Line Cinema : Media Home Entertainment

Total Earnings :  $346,250

At a place called the Elm Street, there is a janitor who invades the dreams of teenagers and is trying to kill them off one by one. The very first prey of this invader is Tina who dies on the spot. Other events follow. Will the teenagers be able to fight their own dreams?

5Sleepy Hollow

Released On : 17th November 1999

Produced By : Mandalay Pictures : Scott Rudin

Total Earnings :$101,071,502

The movie is a based on the Hessian Horseman whose head has been stolen and he has returned from the grave to find it in the Sleepy Hollow. The new deployed constable Crane does not believed in the stories until he himself watches the headless take the head of an elder in front of his eyes. Will he be able to find the real one?


Released On : 12th November 1982

Produced By : Laurel Entertainment

Total Earnings : $21 Million

The movie is a blend of many horrific stories of which the best one is ” Father’s Day”. It contains 5 total stories in all and all of them are heck terrifying in their own ways. The budget of the movie was 80 lakhs in US Dollars.

7Freddy vs Jason

Released On : 6th August 2004

Produced By : New Line Cinema

Total Earnings : $114 Million

The movie is based on a a face off between two supernatural murderers who are on their respective killing spree. Freddy usually use to kill his victims in their dreams but now people of the town are less afraid of him. Jason is a hockey mask wearing psychopath who murders Freddy’s victims. This leads to a fight between them.


Released On : 18th December 1996

Produced By : Woods Entertainment

Total Earnings : $331,734,067

The plot of this scary movie is based on the killings that happen after Sidney’s mom’s death. The girl receives a call by a man who terrifies her and tells that he will murder her. Many killings take place and soon the convict is revealed.

9Rosemary’s Baby

Released On : 12th June 1968

Produced By : William Castle

Total Earnings : $33.4 Million

The plot of the movie is based on a lady who shifts to a new house along with her husband and soon finds out that her neighbors have sinister plans for her yet to be born. The elder couple suddenly becomes super friendly with her husband and from thereon starts the tension. Many horrific events happen after this and Rosemary decides to protect her baby.


Released On : 16 June 1960

Produced By : Shamley Productions

Total Earnings : $32,000,000

The movie is all about a lady named Marion Crane who wants to marry a guy she meets in her lunch breaks. But the barrier of alimony and debts on his head are stopping him from marrying her. She decides to flee with her Boss’s money and parks her car in an isolated motel away from the city. Many events happen one after the another and you are led into more and more suspense and thrill until the end.

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