Best Horror Movies for Halloween 2021 – Come here Georgie Take your boat! Gulps the hand and tears it off into pieces! It lovers are going to get this phrase right away. Well, this one is actually one of the Best Movies that you can watch on Halloween. These Halloween Themed Movies will not only terrify you from the head to toe but also give you a lot of Halloween Costume Ideas. Not all Halloween Movies are for family so select really precisely. Scroll below to our list of Top 15 Best Horror Movies for Halloween List that you can watch on the October 31st. Buaahahaaaaa! 

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Best Horror Movies for Halloween : List of Top 15

One amazing way to celebrate the Halloween Week is to start binge watching these awesome horror movies. You can actually make up a list of the Top 100 Best Horror Halloween Movies and select your best watches! Do not forget to keep a cuddly toy along with you or at least watch these movies with someone! Scroll below to the movies that will freezify you. 

Well, before you scroll down, we would suggest you to watch these listed Best Horror Halloween Movies of all time with a company because they are certainly going to raise the bar of scary quotient for you. Whether you are going with one of the Best Horror Movies on Netflix or you are choosing some Television premier, watching them alone is a strict no no. 

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The Exorcist

The movie includes Linda Blair, Ellen Burstyn and Max Von Sydow in the lead roles. The movie was so horrific that viewers have actually reported fainting after watching the movie. It was released in the year in December 1973. It was produced by the Hoya Productions. The movie is based on a teenage girl who is believed to possessed by a mysterious entity who keeps on assaulting her. It is a certain no. 1 watch for Best Horror Movies for Halloween.


The Carrie Movie was released in the year 1976 and was adapted from author Stephen King’s Novel by the name ” Carrie”. The movie revolves around a 16 year old girl who is bullied and mistreated by her mother and classmates. She possesses psychokinesis power and uses it to murder most of them. The story ends when Sue, the only survivor of the massacre wakes up from her nightmare. Watch this Horror Movie for Halloween for sure.

The Shining

The movie Shining was released in the year 1980 on the May 23rd. Produced By  The Producer Circle, this horrific movie revolves a family of 4 who plan to stay at a hotel. Soon, they identify that the father has been possessed and many violent acts thus take place. 

Halloween : The Curse of Micheal Myers

This nerve wrenching movie was released in the Sept 29, 1995 and was produced by the Paul Freeman. It revolves around as masked murderer who is also a psychopath. This supernatural horror film should be strictly watched under adult supervision. 

A Nightmare on Elm Street

The movie revolves around a supernatural Janitor who invades the dreams of teenagers and has plans to kill them one by one at Elm Street. The movie was released on the 9th November 1984 and was produced by the New Line Cinema : Media Home Entertainment.

Sleepy Hollow

Ever craved to see a headless fellow? Well, watch this movie where in Hessian Horseman wakes up from the grave to find his head back at the sleepy hollow. A police constable completely denies the fact until the watches the horrific monster by his own eyes. It was released on the 17th November 1999


The movie is a blend of many 5 horrific stories of which the best one is ” Father’s Day”. It is a kind of a series with different story lines. It was released in on the  November 12,  1982 in the United States of America and was produced by Laurel Entertainment.

Freddy vs Jason

Two supernatural monsters Jason and Freddy get into a conflict when people of the town become less afraid of Freddy who kills his victims in this dreams. The movie was released on August 6, 2004 and was produced by the New Line Cinema. So, watch this scary option for Best Horror Movies for Halloween. 


When Sidney’s Mom dies, she starts receiving death threats by an mysterious person. Many violent and supernatural events take place day after day. The movie was released on the December 18, 1996 and was produced by Woods Entertainment. 

Rosemary’s Baby

A couple shifts to a new house but they are terrified by the supernatural events happening day after day. Soon, they realize their overtly friendly neighbours are after the life of their yet to be born baby. Hence, Rosemary vows to protect her baby. The movie was released on the June 12, 1968. 


This thrilling movie revolves around Marion Crane who wants to marry a person who she meets during her lunch breaks at office, but due to lack of money she is unable to do so. She decides to flee with her Boss’s money and manages to stay at a motel and from there on mystery story starts away. The movie was released on 16th June 1960. It was produced by Shamley Productions. 


The movie is based on a Stephen King’s Novel with the same name and is actually really really scary. Released in the year 2017, It revolves around a clown named Penny wise and a group of 7 helpless children. This clown mostly targets innocent children.

Evil Dead

The Evil Dead was released in the year 1981 and revolves around group of friends from the Michigan State University who decide to camp in an isolated wooded area. It is actually starts by an audio tape when played releases legion of spirits and demons.

6th sense

The movie 6th Sense was released in the year 1999 and did won many accolades for the same. It revolves around Malcolm who is child psychologist and Cole Sear who can talk to spirits. The whole story is about both of them talking to supernatural powers who have an unfinished business.


The movie was released in the year 2004 and is a one heck of a nightmarish movie that will raise your goosebumps in a jiffy. The plot revolves around the killer who gives weird tasks to his victims eventually to murder them.

The Blair Witch Project

A group of school students decide to venture out into the Maryland Backwoods to project out a documentary on the mystery of a Blair Witch in the area. Soon, they lose their map and get lost in the woods. Unfortunate events start taking place and the project ends with a tragic note. The movie was released in the year 1999.

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