Disneyland Halloween Party 2021 will be celebrated for 12 days starting from the 19th October 2021 till the 31st October 2021. For all of you who are not aware what’s actually Mickey’s Halloween Party, let me give you a brief explanation about it. If described in one word, it is heaven for the kids. The Disneyland Halloween Party dates are always conveyed in prior so that the visitors can book their tickets and plan accordingly. The tickets for the Disneyland Halloween Party are priced somewhere around $105.00 which is the starting range for per person. The Disneyland has always been a place where you do not need reviews for.

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The Mickey’s Halloween Party is one thing that all of us want to visit once in our lifetime. The Halloween Party of Mickey stands as a surprise for every kid out there because of the fact that these Halloween Parties at Disneyland are not spooky but cute. They wont scare you instead you will love to handshake with all the fictional characters and so called ghosts present over there. If your kids birthday falls anywhere between the Disneyland Halloween Party dates, book your tickets and gift him the adventure of lifetime. Pull up your socks for the Disneyland Party 2021 because its show time.

Disneyland Halloween party dates 2021

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The Tickets For The Disneyland have now been sold out for almost all dates starting from 19th October until the 31st October, the only date still vacant for booking is 29th October 2021. The price of the ticket is $130 per person. Children below 3 years of age can take admission for free. Prices are also different for membership holders, you can check that out from here. 

Can You Trick Or Treat At Disneyland

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Yes, the Trick- Or Treat attraction is also available at the Disneyland 2021. All you need to do is take an empty bag and look for people and places who are distributing sweets and candies.

Disneyland Hours

People who have bought the tickets for the Disneyland Halloween Party can stay in the park for 3 hours before the party and after the event starts, it will be for about 5 hours worth of happiness. The Disneyland usually opens at 9 am everyday and closes at 8 pm.

Disneyland Attractions 2021

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The most important fact that everyone looks for in an adventure park are the attractions. Halloween is the time when the Disneyland is at its best. I mean like celebrating Halloween over here would be one of your lifetime’s best experience. We have listed out a bunch of Disneyland features that are ready to take you on a stroll.

Scream Fireworks

The scream fireworks are as amazing as the decor of the unconditionally entertaining adventure park. They are a blend of loud voices of witches and other haunted melodies. The duration for which is 10 minutes.

Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy

The rides will take you to a dark entry into the world out of this world. The thrills and rides are usually frightening for kids hence,adult supervision is always recommended. You are basically made to sit in a star-ship which shudders and takes you through a ride of meteors.

Headless Horseman Rides

The headless horseman will give you chills to your spines. He will be carrying his head in his head and you can usually spot roaming through the main streets, USA.

Haunted Mansion Holiday

The haunted mansion holiday is one of the best attractions of Disneyland. You can find here creepy characters. There are a bunch of paintings and artistic pieces of departed ghouls and ghosts. You can also spot Jack Skellington over here. Find the place at New Orleans Square.

Disney Villains

From Cruella to other ghouls who have entertained us throughout our childhood

as villains of course can be spotted over here. Take autographs and pictures and celebrate Halloween with them.

Halloween Fun Parade

The fun parades takes place only for 15 selected dates between the 19th September till 31st October. The sounds and spectacular ghosts will leave you spell bound.

What Should I Wear To Disneyland Halloween Party

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The costume guidelines for the Disneyland Halloween Party are simple and everyone is required to follow them failing which the entry is restricted to enter the park. The guidelines are as follows.

  • Any guest above 14 years of age is prohibited to wear special costume and masks.
  • No one is permitted to enter the park wearing revealing or objectionable clothes.
  • Vulgar Tattoos are not allowed
  • Clothes should be worn keeping in mind the family environment.
  • Entering the park bare feet is not followed.
  • Offensive or violent costumes and props are not allowed.
  • Layered and Full length costumes not allowed because of safety purposes.

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Disneyland Souvenir Shop

Taking back memories is part of our culture. Hence, do not forget shopping from the Disney stores for your near and dear ones. Take the love back home.

Happy Halloween 2021 and enjoy your stay at the Disneyland Halloween Party 2021. For more information, check out the official website of Disneyland by clicking here. 

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