2021 Halloween Costumes Ideas have changed and are more spookier than the last year. There have been a lot of major changes in the trend for the Halloween Costumes for the adults. If you are looking for the best Halloween costume ideas, we are here to help you out with it. Halloween Costumes for adults are a bunch and since Halloween is not very far, you best bet would be to look out for Halloween costumes right away.

The Couple Halloween Costumes look the most cutest because those are worn by husband and wife while they twin with each other. Check the best couple costumes from here. The Best Halloween costume ideas have been that of celebrities and many are thus inspired by them. Trick-o-treat my dear! If you are looking for options about what to be for Halloween 2021, then have a look over here.

Head onto some spooky and trendy costumes for Halloween 2021. Check how to be Wonder Woman. 

Halloween is a festival that is celebrated on the 31st October every year. Also known as the All Hallows Eve, the three days are dedicated to all those who have departed and martyrs. It is basically a festival to remember the dead and all faithful who are not with us now. The festival is believed to have pagan roots and inspired from the Celtic speaking countries The Halloween word came into being during the year 1745. What to be for Halloween has now become a competition like for people because the festival is made on a very big scale.

The trend of disguising yourself as something related to Halloween, dates back to many years back. On this day, many Halloween parties are held, pumpkins are carved and children vouch for trick-o-treats. Making you your own Halloween sweets, check the recipe from here. 

Trendy Halloween Costumes 2021 | What To Be For Halloween 2021

Cruella de Vile

what to wear for halloween 2021

The Cruella Deville costume is quite amazing and also in trend because the very famous movie The hundred and One Dalmations is scheduled to release again in the year 2019. The beautiful actress Emma Stone will be playing Cruella.

Cruella De Vile Halloween Dress DIY

  1. The Cruella De Vile dress is quite sexy.
  2. You will need cigarette, fishnet, black and white wig, red gloves, black dress and red heels.
  3. You can also wear faux fur jacket to complete the look.

Stuffed Nemo Toy

best halloween costumes 2021

Okay, so Nemo is actually considered as a cute cartoon but there is a way to make it look spooky on you. You can actually scare away the neighborhood kids by your tentacles. It might be a little uncomfortable but the uniqueness overthrows it.

Nemo Halloween Dress DIY

  1. Wear a tee and trousers that are orange in color.
  2. Pull your hair in a tight bun.
  3. Get approximately 10-25 cylindrical orange ballons and arrange them in bunches.
  4. Wear a belt on your waist and keep on tying these bunches with the help of thread.

Wednesday Addams

most popular halloween costumes ever

Wednesday’s costume is my favorite out of all because of the reason that she is spooky and sweet at the same time. Wednesday Addams is actually the best dress for any woman out there.

Wednesday Addams Halloween Dress DIY

  1. All you need to have is a black frock with white lace on the edges.
  2. Do not forget to wear two braids on your hair and a pair of socks.

Alice In Wonderland Costume

what to wear on halloween 2021

The Alice in Wonderland costume is in trend as always. It is the subtle costume and a cute one. The Alice costume is not spooky at all but will work for a school or kids Halloween party.

Alice in Wonderland Halloween Dress DIY

  1. Get a blue checkered frock and wear above it a white color apron.
  2. Dress up your hair with a white color hairband and keep the hair way.
  3. Wear knee high white socks.

Clueless Costumes

what to be for halloween 2021

The clueless costume is quite famous in every sense. The dress is inspired by the movie “Clueless”. The movie includes Tai, Cher and Dionne as the lead. You can choose whom you want to dress up like first and do the DIY costume.

Cher Halloween Costume DIY

  1. You can dress up as Cher from the movie “Clueless”, if you have a yellow suit.
  2. You can also wear an all yellow attire and of course try to keep your hair open.
  3. Try to also keep your makeup subtle.

Day of the Dead Costume

what to be for halloween 2021

Inspired from the movie which released in the year 1985, The Day of the Dead Costumes are of many types. But to create a spooky one, you will have to follow some simple steps that you can jot down from below.

Day of the Dead Halloween Costume DIY

  1. You will have to wear an all white tee that will behave like a canvas.
  2. Take some help from red poster colors or sauce for that matter.
  3. Spill it over your clothes so that it looks like blood.
  4. You can also use props like wounded bloody hand to complete the look.

Fortnite Raven Costume

what to be for Halloween 2021

We are sure that all of you know about the Fortnite game and possibly you are all even crazy about it. The Raven costume can be made from the a few things that you can buy from the market and thus rock the Halloween Costume party.

Fortnite Raven Costume DIY

  1. You will need a turtle neck black sweater with a hoodie, black trousers, purple scarf, backpack, leather gloves and belt.
  2. All you need to do is wear all of it and behave like you own the party.

Ariana Grande Costume

what to be for halloween 2021

The Ariana Grande Costume can be worn by any girl out there who wants to look like a babe in the party. The costume is very easy to curate. Below is the DIY method of creating the costume.

Ariana Grande Costume DIY

  1. For creating the Ariana Grande costume, you will need a jumpsuit or black color cordinates, rabbit ears and high heel sandals.
  2. Do smokey eyes and blushy makeup with the outfit.

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