Halloween Costume Ideas is everyone’s first thought whenever the season of falls is nearing. The Halloween is a blend of happiness and sadness for us all. Our most favorite thing about Halloween is definitely the Halloween Horror Nights that are organised every year. Well, if we are getting ready for the Halloween Party, why should our dear pets be left behind in the race. The Halloween is festival where in even our little puppers can wear the Sexy Halloween Costumes and be the liveliness of the party.

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It’s your pets turn to be the cutest pumpkin in the patch so pull up your socks and get the work done. If you have a Halloween party at your home you can probably organize a dog fashion show for these stunning little babies. For spectacular ideas, drive up all the way down in the article and head on to the next great prop shop for shopping.

1Band of Boys

Dress up your pooch as a rock band member, for this, you just need a black dress with little embellishments and a big black wig. You can also go with the do it yourself method. Take a plain black dress and paint it with some quirky texts and if possible attach some metallic beads all over it with the help of a fabric glue.Buy from Amazon for $19.60.

2Alex from Madagascar


Your dog disguised as a lion might increase his valor and he may feel more courageous than ever before. This costume is also awesome because it won’t cause much mess and is utterly comfortable for him. You can buy the dress from Amazon for $15.98.

3Little Beetle


If you have a small puppy, dress him up as the insect beetle or you can also try out the butterfly costume. These are available in various colors and features, so ensure you pick out the best out of the lot. Buy from Amazon.

4Little Pumpkin


I know this is a bit cliche but the thing that makes any costume unique is your own creativity. Try on putting a wonderful set of beads on his front mane but do not forget to make sure it doesn’t hurt your dog’s scalp.
Buy the costume for just $12.99 from Amazon.


Oh my god, we are so afraid of this one. Spook everybody in the locality by disguising your pet as an alien. For more enhanced effect, carry a colorful frilly plate for some mid-competition feast and a handmade card saying “ Humans aren’t real”. HaHa! Sarcasm dude. Buy the dress from Amazon for $14.44.

6The Gangsta Dog

halloween dress for pets 2018

As you are allowed just 5 emotional minutes in a day, then you have to be gangsta, your dog deserves that amount of time too. Take him out for a walk with his swag level on the high. Include some fake gold chains for the boom out substanciallly. You can buy the costume from Amazon for $13.98.

7The angelic Fairy

If you want your pet to look extremely beautiful and alluring in its costume then opt for an angelic outfit. You can never ever probably go wrong with this one if you have a female dog. Although, it’s is going to look pretty on both the genders equally, but I think it would be fairer for the pretty ladies. Do not forget to include a Tiara with the dress. But the costume from Amazon for $24.99.

8The Police Dog

Encapsulate your pupper into a cop for a day and let him make his own rules. He is going to look totally dapper in the uniform. If you have two dogs, one can become the cop and the other the inmate. Buy from Amazon for $15.

Some things that you should keep in mind!

Please do not put any kind of paints and makeup on your dog.

Ensure that the dress is not prickly or uncomfortable.

Undress your pet as soon as you are done with the cosplay.

A very Happy Halloween to Everyone!

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