Couples Punny Halloween Costumes – Save endless amount of energy to work on your Creative Couple Costume Ideas. Well, first things first, pun simply means a word that has several different means! These punny costumes have become a trend at the Halloween Parties since the last decade. All you need to do is find word pun costumes for the two of you and muster laughs all night long. If you are still confused, you can check out our list of Couples Punny Halloween Costumes. 

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Couples Punny Halloween Costumes

It is rightly said that it takes two to craft and engage in puns which is why we have com out with these options for Couples Punny Halloween Costumes. The plus point of wearing such Hilarious Couples Costume is that they also make your love and chemistry leveled up. Choose out your best piece of pun for rasping a good laugh at the Halloween Party this year.

Last Minute Halloween Costumes 

Bunch Of Grapes

couples halloween costumes

Want to be the sour grape? Well, this costume is really easy to do and racks a course of laughter as well. All you need to do is gather some Green and Violet Balloons and join them with the help of duct tape. Do not forget to wear same color tee and pants.

Black Eyed Peas

pun costumes halloween

We are sure, that this pun costume is going to make people hold their stomach laughing. Simply put, this costume is inspired from the Black Eyed Peas, where you do not dress like him, but you dress like his name.

  • Wear a black tee and paste a ” P” initial sticker on it.
  • Now, just put some eyeliner one one of your eyes and you are done.

Life Gives Lemons

 halloween costumes pun

Stressed out about something? Well convert your hurt into an inspiring phrase. All you need to do is just wear a white tee with the word ” Life” and carry Lemons along with you. Very Lame we know!

It’s Raining Men

punny halloween costumes for couples

Okay, we all love this song! Add up to the glam in the Halloween Costume Party by being a song! This will require efforts by both however.

  • Take up a chart paper and get cut outs in the shape of drops.
  • Paste pictures of guys on the drops.
  • Now get an umbrella and hang these DIY drops with it.
  • Carry the prop all around with you.

Life Of The Party

punny halloween costumes for couples

Is every party incomplete without your presence? Well, then make sure everyone is aware of this fact. Become the Life of the party by carrying a board around with you that says so. You can also decorate yourself with birthday caps and ribbons.


punny couples halloween costumes

Do you want to irritate someone you do not jell with? Well, then show your emotions by wearing a green dress. You can ask your partner to carry along a board that says ” Envy” along with you.

Social Butterfly

punny halloween costumes for adults

Feel like the Queen of Internet? Do you always find yourself surfing on the social media? Well, then say it loud like a pun and become the social butterfly for the Halloween Party. Now, all you need to do is wear a black outfit along with a frilly skirt. You can paste logos of all your social media accounts on the tee.


punny halloween costumes for couples

Be the Iron Lady of the House ( Pun Intended)! Just follow the below lame steps to achieve the Halloween look

  • Get a chart paper and jot down the periodic table name for Iron.
  • Paste this sticker on your tee.
  • Carry an Iron utensil and you are done.

Blessing In Disguise

halloween costume for couples punny

Be the blessing for someone in the party but go for a disguise to achieve the whole outlook. Just wear something angelic and disguise your face with a mask.

Negative Space

pun halloween costume

Our life have seriously become Negative Spaces by all the stressful situations that we go through everyday. You can be the Punny Negative Space by wearing a black color dress along with pictures of Sad Planets pasted on it.

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