These angels are an epitome of happiness and all things nice in life. If they would not have been present, there was no way we could survive this harsh world of sorrows. Oh yes! I know I should not talk about such things when Christmas is not so away from us. But hey you need to gift them pounds of happiness this time and the best way to do that is to give them presents. That beautiful smile on their faces will help you get rid of all the agony in life.

First things first, your presents should always be useful and beneficial to the receiver and here are some examples to make your choice from.

Pillow Massager

Our parents have reached an age where muscle spasms and pain in the neck become their worst enemies who visit them quite on a regular basis. Help them out from the mess and here gift them a massager. This will allow you them to have a massage at the comfort of their home. It is available on Amazon for $38.95, the product offers optional heat therapy too.

Foot Hammock

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If your dad finds it really uncomfortable to sit in a well-off way at the office and you hate it when he comes home with crampy feet , you can gift him a foot hammock which will allow him to sit up straight. Available at Amazon for $9.79, it comes with earplugs and a sleep mask too and guess what it is easy to carry and lightweight.

Luxurious makeup

Kylie has always surprised every generation of women with her super products and it’s time we gift the best women of our life, the most luxurious lip color of all. Try to ask her indirectly by not stealing her thunder in advance and shop it. Get it all wrapped up in a Christmas customized wrapper and there you go. Various lip colors are available on Kylie Cosmetics starting from $29.00 and above.

Dust Mop Slippers

Does your mom feel lazy and tired when it comes to cleaning of the house? Do you want to help her out of the housing mess? Gift her these quirky slippers, they are really good babies that she definitely won’t regret to have. Available on Amazon for $11.48 for a set of three, these are super useful and washable too.

The Burt’s Bees Men’s gift set

Available for $19.99, this one is a perfect gift for all the fathers who are not fans of the “no shave November trend” and love to be clean shaved always. The product consists of shaving cream, a beeswax lip balm, hand salve after shave and body wash. Help your daddy look like a stunner.

Things tend to get more touchy when kids give their parents a D.I.Y Picture frame containing pictures of their loved ones. Try to add up a personalized picture frame if you can , in addition to the Christmas gift, I assure you it will make them more than happy.

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