Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters- The trend of wearing ugliest Christmas Sweaters have long been there and has become the most important part of the Christmas celebrations. The Tacky and Ugliest Christmas Sweaters always are quite popular and always with the race. Well, there is a lot to be creative and some even go for offensive Christmas sweaters and the inappropriate ones. If you are need of any kind of inspiration then check out the list of the Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters. 

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Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters

So, you have been sent a mail regarding wearing an Ugly Christmas sweater at office or you have been invited to a crazy frazy Christmas party in your neighborhood. Well, need not worry as there are lot of options to create the ugliest one. While womens christmas sweater are well fitted and creative, kids and teenagers often go for the cute ones. Men can choose from the range of Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters from the list down below.

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The 3- D Sweater 

funny ugly christmas sweater

This 3-D Sweater is one of the best diy you can do at the comfort of your home. This funny sweater can be worn both by men or women. All you need to do is the take a very plain sweater and get a big size ribbon and paste it anywhere you want. Show them that you are the prettiest gift for them. ROFL.

Celebrity Printed Ugly Sweater

funny ugly christmas sweaters

Act like your favorite celeb by wearing the best celebrity printed ugly Christmas sweater in the party. The drill is you will also have to act like that. If the printed one is not available, you can also paste a sketch or paper print

T-Rex Ugly Sweater

funny ugly christmas sweater

Horrify everyone at the party with the help of this red sweater. It comprises of a plush reindeer which is front and back 3-D. The sweater is an unique choice for anyone who wants to go the entirely different way with your wardrobe.

Grumpy Cat Ugly Sweater

funny ugly christmas sweater


Rest in Peace the Grumpy Cat. Well, honor her sarcasm by wearing this funny ugly Christmas sweater. You can either paste a print out of the same on the sweater or buy it from the Amazon or any grocery store. Thrown sarcasm all over the floor you!!

Socks Christmas Sweater

funny ugly christmas sweater

It is winter isn’t it? Well, hail the warm amazing feet dress that saves you from the frost everyday ie your socks. Take some of your socks and staple it on the front side of your sweater to make the funny socks Christmas sweater.

Beer Bong Christmas Sweater

ugly christmas sweater

Beer lover eh? Well, then go ahead and pay tribute to your favorite beverage by wearing the best beer mugs on your ugly Christmas sweater. You will choose any kind of shape and symmetry to make them look funny at the party.

Ugly Tree Christmas Sweater

funny ugly christmas sweaters

Make the heads turn with the help of this very bling Christmas tree. Well, sparkle so much that people do not get tired of looking at you during the party. You can either tie this trinkets to the sweater or buy one like from the nearby store.

Hello Penguin Sweater

funny ugly christmas sweater

Want to be a part of the cute bird’s fraternity this Christmas, invest in a penguin printed sweater for the contest. I would love to don a Pingu Sweater, I am not sure how many of you know him. He was a tiny tv cartoon character and here is a cute picture so as to force you to fall in love with him.

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