For all those who do not know about this concept need to pull up their socks because there will be waves of laughter after knowing about one. We all know how our grandma’s love us all so much, here comes a quirky token of love from their kitties. Every year, people have contests and other things to look silly enough in these knitted garments and sometimes foolery just crosses all its limits.

Here are some quirky options for you and your family.

The 3- D sweater collections

ugly christmas sweater 2018

Want to look uber ugly in the Christmas contest and win a prize for yourself. Well, this is a sure-fire method to have the chance of your life. Be crazy and run around people just like the cute reindeer on your sweater.

Celebrity printed ugly sweater

ugly christmas sweaters 2018

You can probably have the most fun time of your life by having a good laugh at your best friends Will Smith’s sweater. Likewise, there are more such options than you can don.

The socks hanger cum sweater

Have you always dreamt of being the hanger to your clothes oh yeah of course you have? Lol! Instill your crazy ideas into your sweater and have a fun time being a silly spot. Hang some socks to your arms so as to help Santa fill them before everyone else’s.

The Grumpy Cat sweater

ugly christmas sweaters 2018

I just love the grumpy cat and her sarcasm. Being one will literally raise your morale and level of scornful looks and comments. Just prepare yourself with a list of punchlines from the original grumpy and learn them by heart to have girls impressed by your aura.

The Santa wears a cape sweater

Be the Santa Clause of your house and you are sure to win the contest if there is a kid voting pole in the game. Silly Santa would earn brownie points to have super duper laughing skills too.

Be the mobile beer bar

Guys will love you for being one and for an enhanced effect carry some candies in those cups. You can also carry a little bit of beer in the cups as well. These kinds of sweaters usually go well with the guys.

Be the tree this Christmas

Celebrate the ugly Christmas sweater tradition by being a tree yourself. This one looks both silly and cute at the same time. The bling attached to the tree is sure to make heads turn and earn you a prize.

Hello penguin sweater

ugly christmas sweaters 2018

Want to be a part of the cute bird’s fraternity this Christmas, invest in a penguin printed sweater for the contest. I would love to don a Pingu Sweater, I am not sure how many of you know him. He was a tiny tv cartoon character and here is a cute picture so as to force you to fall in love with him.

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