5 Easiest And Most Beautiful DIY Christmas Decorations

Which you can even do gracefully in the last minute!


My sister is a great fan of do it yourselves. She has a trunk of innovative things made up from scrap. According to her, DIYs are a way of escaping the harsh realities of life. When we scold kids for all the clutter that they have made during these DIYs, you should keep in mind that you should probably excuse the mess, the children are actually making memories through it and that is what is more important.

The Christmas decorations are the best part of this season. Be it kids or elders everybody is super excited about Christmas Decorations every year. Let us go through some beautiful D.I.Y methods to decorate our homes for this Christmas.

The Christmas decorations create a very positive aura around the house. A DIY creation is always near to the one who gives life to it and that is why these items are so special.

Scroll down for a line up of ideas for your D.I.Y Christmas decorations.

1The Chalk Buckets

We always neglect to decorate our staircases every Christmas season. Let us do some brainstorming and try to decorate them in a new and Avante-Garde way.

What you need: You will need a galvanized bucket, a chalk pen and some artificial Christmas trees and beautiful fairy lights.

How to: Wash and dry out the buckets, after then write out Christmas quotes on the outside of it. Put the Christmas tree in the bucket and decorate it with Christmas lights.

2Mason Jar

The next time you visit a bakery or patisserie, buy a cookie jar and take it along with you. They look super cute as home decor.

What you need: To make these a part of the Christmas decorations, you will need some Christmas balls and thermocol.

How to: Put in both the balls and thermocol and arrange the jars like a pyramid . Make sure you keep the jars out of the reach of children and pets. As they might break them unintentionally.

3Light Bulb Photo Frame

According to me, bulbs are really really useful things, they come handy whenever you need them.

What you need: You will need a small dimensional picture, some faux pearls, and a big ribbon.

How to: Put in the picture inside by folding it, make sure you do not tear them in in the process. Put in the faux pearls inside and tie the upper part with a big ribbon.

4Popsicle Snowman

This is perhaps the most easiest D.I.Y from the list.

What you need: You will just need some Popsicle sticks, painting brushes, and colors, black velvet fabric, artificial eyes, and noses.

How to: Attach 3-4 Popsicle sticks together and paint them in white. Paste the velvet on the top and eyes and noses where required. Make a number of them and hang them wherever you want.

5Wine Glass Candle holders

This one is sure to earn applauds for you.

What you need: You will just need tea light candles, some glitter acrylic colors, satin ribbons, glitter balls and other related stationery.

How to: The glasses need to be put upside down and painted with the glitter acrylic color at first. After it dries out, put the glitter balls, satin ribbons wherever you like. Now place the tea light candles on the surface and voila you are done.

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