DIY Christmas Decorations 2021- Ribbon, Trinklets, Santa Socks, Christmas Garlands, these are something that always come to my mind whenever I think about how can I decorate my house for Christmas. In case, you are yearning to make your house look just like Jerusalem well, stay in with this to learn all the DIY Christmas Decor for Room and beautiful DIY Christmas Decor for outside. We have listed a list of the Top 5 DIY Christmas Decorations 2021 along with their respective steps.

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DIY Christmas Decorations

First things first, do not ever think and search regarding how do proffesionals decorate Christmas tree and everything else because there is a feeling of love and affection in whatever DIY stuff you make for Christmas. If filled with adorable DIY’s, your home will smell of the warmth and affection that Lord almighty always advocates about. So not worry and check out the DIY Christmas Decorations along with steps.

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The Chalk Buckets

diy christmas decorations

This is perhaps the easiest of all when it comes to the DIY Christmas Decorations. It wil not only be an icing o on the cake for Christmas but also can work a perfect Christmas gift for a plant lover in your family or friends.

What you need: Fairy Lights, Bucket, Plants and a White Chalk

How to: Wash and dry out the buckets, after then write out Christmas quotes on the outside of it. Put the Christmas tree in the bucket and decorate it with Christmas lights.

Mason Jar

diy christmas decorations
jodie keaton

Have you ever collected and stored the mason jars after you finish off the pastry or any dessert? If not, start it today because they look amazingly cute and beautiful for the home decor or Diy Christmas Decorations.

What you need: You will need a Mason Jar, Thermocol and Christmas Ornaments.

How to: Put in both the balls and thermocol and arrange the jars like a pyramid . Make sure you keep the jars out of the reach of children and pets. As they might break them unintentionally.

Light Bulb Photo Frame

diy christmas decorations

Well, Bulbs are good to go for easy DIY’s for Christmas Decorations. Want to know why? Well hop on below to read and learn about how a bulb can help you to create wonderful decorations.

What you need: Pictures or Photographs, Faux Peals, Ribbon and a Bulb ofcourse

How to: Put in the picture inside by folding it, make sure you do not tear them in in the process. Put in the faux pearls inside and tie the upper part with a big ribbon.

Popsicle Snowman

diy christmas decorations

Enjoying a Popsicle? Well, create this easy peasy cute cartoon character from the same material and that without spending too much for the Christmas decorations.

What you need: All you need are some Popsicle sticks, Black Velvet Fabric, Faux Eyes and Nose and Fevicol.

How to: Attach 3-4 Popsicle sticks together and paint them in white. Paste the velvet on the top and eyes and noses where required. Make a number of them and hang them wherever you want.

Wine Glass Candle holders

diy christmas decorations

This upside down glass story will surely earn lots of applauds and compliments for you at the Christmas party. You can make as many glasses you want and spread them all over in the living room to spread the Christmas vibe.

What you need: You will just need tea light candles, some glitter acrylic colors, satin ribbons, glitter balls and other related stationery.

How to: The glasses need to be put upside down and painted with the glitter acrylic color at first. After it dries out, put the glitter balls, satin ribbons wherever you like. Now place the tea light candles on the surface and voila you are done.

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