DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments 2021- Santa Caps, Bells and Homemade Dough! Well, not only decorations but these ornaments also work as diy christmas ornaments as gifts. People usually search for christmas decorations to make yourself on pinterest. These easy Christmas diy’s will not only make your home look adorable but also is a creative way to spend Christmas time with family. Check out the DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments 2021.

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DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Tree Ornaments are gleaming objects that work as icing on the cake for the Christmas tree. Although, there is a huge amount of creative Christmas tree ornaments available in the market but there is another level of happiness when we create them on our own. Even kids can take part in this DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments spree.

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The Christmas Jars

christmas tree decorations diy

If you have every visited a confectionery store and have always collected a bunch of jars from there, well now is the time to use them as your diy christmas tree ornaments. Well, they work as beautiful decorations for both outside and inside.

What you need: You will need a number of jars, glue, dry sparklers, and some tea light candles.

How to: Spread glue on the outside surface of the jar. Now spread glitter substantially. Place the tea candle inside the jar when it dries.

Lace Candles

diy christmas tree decorations

Candles and Lace are a cool duet when it comes to Christmas decorations. Although, you can not them hang these on the tree itself but you do can keep them around it for a beautiful shadowy reflection.

What you need: You will need any color lace, some glue and some small glass jars. You can fetch the lace from any nearby fabric store.

How to: The next step is to just paste the cute lace around the jar and place a candle inside. Make sure the height of the lace is a little bit higher than that of the candle.

Popsicle Christmas Ornaments

diy christmas decorations

Popsicle have a lot of uses when it comes to DIY’s. You can paint them into your favorite characters, use them as small little Santa’s or make them small little reindeers. Well, the list is endless nearly. You can check ideas from pinterest and use them as per your choice.

What you need: You will need some dried out Popsicle sticks, some acrylic paint, artificial eyes, and nose.

How to: Just paint the stick in various colors and do all the detailing with the help of either toothpick or a very very small size brush.

Light Bulb Decor

diy christmas decorations tree

Along with the beautiful fairy lights, you can also use those wasted bulbs lying in your store for your diy Christmas decorations. They will make the lighting even more attractive and appealing for the onlookers.

What you need: You will need a light bulb, white color acrylic paint, artificial eyes, some twigs for the hand and a thick thread.

How to: First of all paint the light bulb in white or whichever color you may like and let it dry nicely. Paste the artificial eyes and nose and twigs where required. Now, attach the bulb with a thick thread to hang with.

The Ball Frame

christmas tree decorations diy

If you have never thought about using a old broken photo frame again then think twice. These frames can come handy to come up with a creative ball frame. All you need to do is take off the inner everything of the photo frame and just play with the edges.

What you need: You just need a plain empty photo frame for this purpose.

How to: Remove the stuff from the inside and paint the edges of the frame in your favorite color. Now, attach two- three glitter balls in symmetry. You can take up colorful threads for fastening the balls with the frame.

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