I have always loved doing D.I.Y methods on many occasions. Though I am not a very good artist I always try my level best to keep the thing up to the mark. Owing to my little bit abilities, I manage to do things that are easy to make and quicker to do. According to me, D.I.Y’s are really close to heart and very personal ways to say that you care.

Taking it the other way round, these also help you to be self-reliant and have an own perception and choice of gifting your loved one things that are really useful to them. Hence, I have curated a bunch of options to help you out of the confusion.

Embroidered Handkerchief

If you are a sewing lady, the work is halfway done. Otherwise, you can always take help of somebody elder to you. You only have to take a bunch of plain and colored hankies from a nearby provisional store. Buy a wide range of colorful threads to choose from and thread up wonderful thoughts and personalized phrases for your friends and family.

Light bulb Aquarium

This is perhaps the cutest thing that you can gift to somebody. Fetch some of the fused off bulbs of your house and clean them in a way that they look crystal clear. Fetch pebbles and fake moss and put it inside it, also add a little toy fish to give it a more authentic feel. Now add some distilled water and close the knob. Clean it from the outside and tada a little aquarium is ready.

Hoop earring holder


This gift of yours will always be cherished by the receiver. The process is quite an easy and quick one too. You just need to get a hoop or any shape cardboard edge from the nearby toy shop and paint it in either gold or silver color. Tie around a number of white lace around the hoop or simply place them with a glue. The lace will let you hang your earrings in a more organized way.

Button bookmarks

This is perhaps a perfect gift if your friend is an ardent reader and always has a problematic experience with keeping all the paperwork in a classified way. Fill prettiness in her life by gifting her cute button bookmarks. You will need a few paperclips and flower shaped buttons or hair clip accessories. Just paste them all with a glue onto the front side of the paperclip and you are done.

Comic photo frame

This is a perfect gift for a guy who is a total geek and a comic lover. You will just need an old wooden photo frame but do not forget to clean it up nicely. Cut out pieces of your favorite comics or printouts of his favorite series or movie. Paste them symmetrically onto the edges and you are done.

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