Christmas Eve Box Contents– Pajamas and Booze or a ticket to the cruise! Well these are somethings that people wish to have as their Christmas Eve Box content. Although, the differences between the Christmas eve box contents for teenagers and Christmas eve box contents for toddlers are huge, the mutuality between them is the amount of love they pursue. So, if you are struggling between what to put in a couples Christmas eve box, check out our list of the Christmas Eve Box Contents for Kids and Adults. Do not also forget to read about the entire history of Christmas.

Christmas Eve Box Contents

The market is usually filled with the Christmas eve boxes wholesale sales and alerts all through the December but the ones made at home carry major amount of affection inside them. These contents are also known as the Christmas eve box fillers. Well, these mostly consist of edible items like candies, chocolates, packs of wafer when it comes to kids. Adults usually love to gift lavish Christmas eve box. Couples are also gaga about what to put inside a Christmas eve box. ! The best way- put your time and love.

What goes inside a Christmas box?

Christmas Eve Box for Toddlers

christmas eve box contents for toddlers

Well, these tiny tots are the most excited when it comes to Christmas. They wait for the festival and their beloved Santa Claus like anything. Hence, the Christmas eve box for toddlers must be special and lovely. The contents for the same can range from.

  • Pajamas
  • Caps
  • Stockings
  • Toys
  • Candies
  • Art Books
  • Cursive Writing Books
  • Coloring Pencils
  • Marshmallows

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Christmas Eve Box for Teenagers

christmas eve box contents for teenagers

Okay! Teenagers are hard to manage but their Christmas Eve Boxes are certainly not. All you need to is to have a short talk about their current like and wants. You can then start curating the fillers according to a theme that they love the most.

  • Earrings
  • Wardrobe from their favorite merchandise
  • Bags and Purses
  • Gaming Consoles and Sets
  • Cute Fairy Lights
  • Room Decor
  • Laptop and Computer accesories
  • Glow in the dark accesories
  • Netflix Subscription

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Christmas Eve Box for Adults

christmas eve box contents for adults

Preparing a Christmas Eve Box for adults is both a fun and a tiring task because you are so confused about the contents to put inside it. Brainstorming about the receiver’s likes and dislikes will definitely help you out with the same. Check out the range of fillers that you can fill inside a Christmas Eve Box for Adults.

  • DVD’s and Movies subscriptions
  • Personalized Mugs
  • Wine Glasses
  • Beer Mugs
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Rum Cakes
  • Slippers
  • Lounge Wear
  • Candy Canes
  • Hot Chocolate Sachet
  • Game of Thrones Tees
  • Friends Sitcom Series
  • Mixtape

About Christmas

Christmas is the most happening time of the year for both Christians and Non-Christians. It is certainly a festival that brings everyone together. The Christmas Information provided in the New Testament says that Lord Jesus was born on this day in Bethlehem. The Churches in the 4th Century fixed the date of birth as December 25th and thus the first celebration of Christmas was done on the December 25th, 336. The Date 25th December also marks the beginning of Winter Solstice. Check out Christmas: History, Celebration, Images and Hot Christmas Gifts for from below.

Christmas History

The History of Christmas dates back to the 3rd Century in accordance with the Gregorian Calendar. Though the celebrations of Christmas are observed on the December 25th, the exact date of birth of Lord Jesus is however unknown. It is believed that when Joseph and Mary arrived in the city of Bethlehem, there were no inns available hence they had to stay in a stable. This day marked the beginning of the winter solstice and hence was the shortest day hence God chose this day to start his advent to end sins in the world.

Date of Christmas

Christian and Prostetants follow the Gregorian Calendar and thus celebrate the day on the December 25th while the Eastern Orthodox Church follows the Julian Calendar and celebrate Christ’s birth in the first week of January. Some people believe that December 25th has been chosen as a date in an attempt to remove the pagan rites of the festival.

christmas history 2019

Real History of Christmas

The origin of Christmas is described in Gospels in the Bible. There are four Gospels in total that explain the different timelines. You can read about the first three Gospels from the list below.

  • Gospel of Luke : Explanation of Lord Jesus’s Birth
  • Gospel of Matthew : Explains other part of the Birth Story.
  • Gospel of John : This gospel explains how Jesus took birth on Earth to end people’s sufferings.

According to the Gospels, some prophets had already told the Jewish people that an Messiah would take birth and end the sufferings of people. The story states that Mary was a young girl engaged to an carpenter called Joseph. One day he found out the Mary was pregnant and thus became very upset. An Angel to Joseph and told that the baby was a Holy Child and from thereon, Joseph decided to treat him as his own.

One day both Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem to give their names for the taxation list where they could not book any inn and had to stay in a stable. Baby Jesus was born in between the animals just like the fact stated by the angels. The baby was visited by a lot of people including Shepherds and wise men who followed a star and reached him. They give him many expensive gifts too.

Season of Advent

The season of Advent starts exactly four weeks before Christmas which is on the December 25th. People celebrate the entire month meditating, fasting, praying and preparing for Christmas. Children are taught about Christmas with the help of Calendars.

Christmas Celebrations

So, How is Christmas celebrated in different parts of the world. Well, the answer is with an utmost amount of enthusiasm that anyone can think of. The Christmas Celebrations start almost one month before the actual date. The entire season is spend preparing for the Christmas Feasts, Christmas Decorations, Christmas Gifts. The most excited are the kids who wait the entire year for Santa Claus’s Gifts and Presents. There are many important traditions and customs attached to the celebrations below.

Top Christmas Gifts

The origins of the Christmas Gifting can be traced back to the year 1844. They are usually exchanged on the Christmas Eve or during the Advent Season before Christmas celebrations. Gifts and Christmas Presents are usually kept under the Christmas Trees in the household.

So, what are some good Christmas Presents? Well, the most popular ones include Lego, Toys, Sweets, Pajamas, Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Apple Products or any object that the receiver loves with all their heart and soul. So, your first step is to identify what they like the most.

Some really Hot Christmas Gifts include wardrobes, dress materials, cookies, puddings, scarves, overcoats, chocolates, espresso machines etc. You can also check out the list of various Christmas Gifts categorized specifically from down below.

Merry Christmas to all!

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