I hope that this article will probably entrust some good vibes within you and will pump you to be nature-friendly this Diwali. Let me tell you one thing, I have heard of an innumerable amount of house fires on the Diwali day because of mishandling of fireworks. This event would probably hurt your property, your heart, and mother nature as well. Lets neglect it for once and for all.

Lord Ram will certainly bless you if you make it a point not to damage the environment. We have prepared a line up of some things that you can do to save your surroundings during the festivities.

Use of Crackers should be minimized

We all admit how mad over crackers we were about in our childhood but believe me, it does no good to make children learn this thing. You can probably engage the kids in some productive work as in holding up a room decoration contest or a Diya decorating one. This will keep them away from all the mess. Teach them about how harmful are these to our health and the environment.

Use Eco-friendly products.

Opt for a green approach and try and buy things made up of mud. Were you aware of the fact that using chemical induced things are not even considered pure to be worshipped? They also harm marine life when immersed in the water bodies. Hence, invest in earthen diyas and idols.

Rangoli Fun


This is probably the best part of Diwali according to me because I literally can spend hours making it. Being creative is something that I really love. Be aware of the fact that there are a lot of adulterated colors kicking in the market which absolutely can wear and tear your skin . When they are heaved away, they get mixed with water and contaminate it. If it is possible, try using rice and flowers for this purpose.

Distribution of Diwali Cards

It may sound obnoxious to you, but dispensing cards to a big line or relatives and friends is just mere wastage of paper. I know people keep them as a souvenir but some don’t. Instead, you can opt for something more useful such as home decor or traditional clothes.

You can also try and use recycled bags for shopping as more plastic bags are consumed during this period of bomb blasting sales.

Help out the environment by first awakening your consciousness and then awakening people around you. If this festival is pleasant for you then let it be even merrier for mother nature. Let us all pledge to have a smoke free Diwali this year.

“ Give out children a green future and say no to firecrackers “.

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