I have always been a fan of Priyanka Chopra because she was the one who had managed to uplift the pars in the year 2000. She is certainly an inspiration for every girl out there in the country who aspires to do something fascinating in life. Coming from a remote city of India and winning the beauty pageant is a majestic moment in itself and Manushi Chillar has managed to take the legacy upto a level further.

We cannot even imagine the merriment of the phase her parents would have gone through, from being an aspiring cardiac surgeon to winning the Miss World Title is such an awestruck work of the destiny. Well! It makes my faith in the divine decree stronger and indispensable.

Here are some facts you should definitely know about Manushi Chillar.

1. She is active as a social worker.

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Apart from being the 54th Crowned Miss World, she is also a social worker and has worked for her own project called “ Project Shakti”, which takes up the cause of spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene in India’s 20 remote villages.This initiative was under the parent project well known as “ Beauty with a purpose’’.

2.She has an aptitude for the English Language

Well! She just happens to be the all India C.B.S.E topper in the English Language in her class 12th Exams.We can totally say that she is Ms.beauty with brains too. Looks like she has always had that urge to win titles to her kitty.

3. Manushi has just entered adulthood.

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Manushi is just 20 years old as of now and had bagged the Miss.India crown at a tender age of 17. She is a poet by heart and has a keen interest in painting too. She has won various titles like this in her school days as well.

4. Manushi comes from a medical background.

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She has totally broken the stereotype that “people who study medical do not have a life”. She was a student of medicine in Bhagat Phool Singh Medical College in Sonepat. She aspired to be a cardiac surgeon always but her fate took her to another level of accomplishment. She has dropped a year of education but will surely complete her studies she says.

5.Manushi is a dancer by choice.

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Manushi is a perfect Kuchipudi dancer and was trained under the iconic dancers Radha, Kaushalya and Raja Reddy.

6. Manushi belongs to the doctor fraternity.

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Born on 14th May 1997, Manushi belongs to a Jat family of Doctors. She is a native of Rohtak ( a city in Haryana). Her father Dr. Mitra Basu chillar is a scientist in DRDO and mother is appointed as the head of the department of neurochemistry in the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences.

7. What kind of diet makes Manushi fit and sexy?

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Manushi’s dietitian Ms. Nmami Aggarwal took complete care of her by prescribing her with a protein diet. Some of her suggestions for maintaining a healthy lifestyle are:

# Never skip your breakfast as it increases hunger pangs.

# Everyone should have regular meals in smaller plates.

# According to her, it is best to avoid processed sugar.

8.She is adventurous by heart.

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Manushi is one hell of a headstrong woman. She enjoys having some sports fun in her free time. This girl is passionate about paragliding, scuba diving, bungee jumping, and snorkeling.

9. Manushi knows how to answer back but with a twist.

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Manushi seemed to have been offended by the Indian Politician’s intended Pun about her surname, but she reciprocated in a fun and chill way. She was supported by the country and eventually the politician had to apologize to her.

10. Manushi’s family hails to a remote village in Haryana

Her family belongs to a very small village well known as Bamnoli situated about 70 km away from Delhi. It definitely seems like girls in Haryana are on a surge to success and Manushi is one of them. Her victory was celebrated with pomp and show in Bamnoli.

She seems to have totally justified the quote by William Longgood “ Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination. Much power to her!

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