Since the first stride of Gatimaan Express earlier this week on 05th April, it has taken the internet by storm. From first ride experiences to the so called ‘complete guides’, the virtual world is flooded with a lot of talks about Gatimaan Express – the fastest train in India. Well, before you decide to book a ticket for Gatimaan Express, check out these facts about it.

1. Is ‘Gatimaan’ really high speed?

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I have no intention to pinch the bubble, but let me tell you the speed of Gatimaan 160 Km/h is way less than the average speed of Shanghai Maglev which is 251 Km/h. A journey from Delhi to Agra in Gatimaan Express will take 100 minutes which is just 10 minutes lesser than Shatabdi Express.

Here is a speed comparison

Gatimaan Express → 160 kmph
Shatabdi Express → 150 kmph
Shanghai Maglev Train → 251 kmph (top operational commercial speed 431 kmph)

2. Not only Train Hostesses. Movies, Food, Wifi.. What else you need?

The 12050 Nizamuddin-Agra-Nizamuddin Gatimaan Express has a lot to offer to its passengers other than speed. On the first run, the passengers were welcomed with Roses and warm greetings by the Train Hotesses. Each coach is equipped with multimedia services & free wifi hotspot for your phones. The Train Hostesses will serve Indian and Continental food which may leave you drooling.

3. 5400 Horsepower. That’s a freaking monster!

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The Gatimaan Express is powered by a muscle electric locomotive boasting 5400 HP which is theoretically equal to 5400 horses pulling 10 coaches together. For the speeds and power, Indian Railways has to fence off the track at several places to avoid any unpleasant event.

4. 10 coaches, Rs 2.5 crore each.

Yeah you read it correct. One coach of Gatimaan Express is worth a whooping sum of Rs 2.5 crores. A lot of tech features are implemented in each coach like automatic fire alarm, emergency braking system, passenger information system, sliding doors, bio-toilets, plush interior etc. shooting the cost up. The train boasts 8 AC Chair coaches and 2 Executive AC Chair coaches.

5. 25% extra for those few minutes.

For of all the modern amenities, a joy ride in Gatimaan Express is going to cost you Rs 750/- in the AC Chair coach and for an Executive AC you have to cough up Rs 1500/- per head. This is nearly 25% higher than the now-second-fastest Shatabdi Express.

6. When can you catch it?

Everyday, except Friday. Gatimaan Express leaves from Hazrat Nizamuddin for Agra two times a day, at 8:10am in morning and 5:50pm in evening. As Taj Mahal is shut on Fridays, so Gatimaan Express is also not in service. A customised high speed ride to Taj Mahal that’s what Gatimaan Express is.

7. Made in India. Well, almost.

The WPA5 Electric locomotive which powers Gatiman Express is made by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works situated at the border of West Bengal and Jharkhand. And, the ultra modern coaches are developed by a German firm, Linke Hofmann Busch, but manufactured at Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala.

Enough of talking, who is ready for a ride? We are.

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