Group Halloween Costumes 2021 That Are Iconic and Scary

Group Halloween Costumes 2021 – Pairing up your Halloween costume with your group of friends or colleagues is the best way to flaunt your relations. It really does not matter if you are an iconic group of 7 or 5, all that matter is your idea behind the Scary Lads Group Halloween Costumes. Most of us often go for the Funny Group Halloween Costume Ideas because they really are appreciated and loved by the crowd, if you are confused about which you should go for, check out our list of the Group Halloween Costume 2021 along with their pictures and their D.I.Y methods.

Relish your sweet tooth with these Halloween Sweets!

Group Halloween Costumes 2021

One of our favorite Group Costume has been the Squirtel Squad from the Pokemon series. They have this really cool swag and an effing cool attitude that don’t let your eyes off from them. So, if you think you have got the looks, just be the Squirtel Squad. Check out our entire list of the Group Halloween Costumes 2021 from down below. These group costume ideas are funny and hilarious for sure.

A range of Best Group Halloween Costume Ideas have been listed down below along with the D.I.Y methods. Make sure you read and follow precisely. HAPPY Halloween DEARS!

These are some awesome Halloween Costume for Kids. 

Group Halloween Costumes 2021

M & M’s

It does not really matter if you are a girl gang or a guy gang because M&M’s are almost everyone’s favorite. Feeling that chocolaty and peanuty taste already in your mind. Well, then be a group of M&M’s by following the below steps.

  • Buy  different  color T-shirts and white pants.
  • Now paste the logo ie he initial of M&M’s on the front side.
  • Pair it with wide smile.

Aliens From Toy Story

The worthy little trio of Aliens from Toy Story 3 were the most important creatures during the climax of the story. You can be the little claw trio by following this method.

  • Wear all green same attires.
  • Now, wear a three eyed cap resembling aliens
  • You can also buy the alien dress from the any Halloween Costume store.

Ninja Turtle Group

We have all played the Ninja Turtles game during or childhood and hence its time to flaunt the awesome flawsome group right away. Check out the following methods.

  • Wear green tees and black leggings along with black shoes.
  • Now wear colorful frilly skirts and bandannas to complete the look.
  • Do not forget to wear green socks.


The funniest and easiest costume for Halloween Groups is being Dominoes. The only thing you need to do is wear an all black attire and paste some white polka dots all over. Stand in sync and fall together.

PAC MAN Ghosts

We have all been fans of PAC Man since childhood and some of us still follow the vintage game. You can check out an easy way to do the PAC Man dress from down below.

  • Wear different color tees with black pants .
  • Now take some cut outs and make PAC Man face structures all over your body.

Power Puff Girls

You and your girl squad can also disguise as pretty and powerful girls from the ace cartoon network show. But first you really need to decide who is going to be which one. If there are more members in the group, they can disguise as PPG’s villains.

Adam’s Family

The stunning Horror show from the long gone era ” Adam’s Family” still remains the favorite of all. You and your friends can disguise as the characters from the show to scare everyone at the party. Just do not forget to carry that cunning expression on your face.

Flintstones Family

Bring out the age old trend and become the characters from Flintstones family. You can either get these dresses from the readymade Halloween shop or make them from your own materials at home. All you need to do decide is the choice of costumes.


Love Starbucks? Can’t live without their coffees? Well, pay a tribute to your favorite drink and become the Starbucks glass along with your group for Halloween Party. Check how to dress from below.

  • Wear an off white or a black dress according to the flavor you want to disguise as.
  • Make some bubbles with the help of thermocol to show cream and bubbling.
  • Wear a Starbucks Logo Belt to complete the look.

Men in Black

Being the characters from Men in Black is the most easiest form of disguise because you all you need to do is wear a fine black tuxedo and a pair of black shades.

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