Halloween Costume Ideas – Shadows of a thousand years rise again, unseen voices whisper in the trees dude, its the Halloween. The vibe of which strives in the heart of each and every person living or not. Disguising is one of the important parts of the festival so if you wanna go all bitchy and beasty with your costume, well choose the Maleficent Costume from any Disney Store near you. The many categories from which you can choose includes Rockstar Halloween Costume, Funny Group Costumes, Sexy Costumes for Women, Funny Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Women and many more. Check our ideas for Halloween Costume Ideas.

Choose these lesser know Halloween Desserts.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Searching for Halloween Costume for a 2 year old boy or a 7 year old buy becomes easier if your kid is inspired from the Disney Movies! You can directly go to the Disney Store and purchase the set he always dreamed to disguise in. But when it comes to an adult costume, you have to be brainstorm a lot! To help you out with the ideas, we have made a list which you can check out from below. Happy spooky Halloween you all!The Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults range from Cleopatra, Prisoner and Pirate Costumes.

The best Boohful Halloween Dress for your pooch! 

Dwight Shrute Costume

halloween costumes for adults 2021

If you are looking to gain some inspiration from the The Office sitcom and want to literary go for the Office Costume Idea then you gotta choose the Dwight Shrute Costume straightaway. Below is a D.I.Y method for the same. You can also buy the costume from $39.99 from Amazon.

  • Wear a yellow shirt and brown pant along with a small length Tie.
  • Gel your hair aback and wear spectacles.
  • Do not forget wearing an I-Card that says “Dwight Shrute”.

Risky Business Costume

halloween costume for adults 2021

The Risky Business is a movie from the year 1983 that stars Tom Cruise in the lead role. If you want to bring back the nostalgia, then choose being the protagonist of the movie by following the below methods.

  • Wear a long size white formal shirt.
  • Wear long socks below and you are done.

Descendants Halloween Costume

halloween costume 2021 ideas descendants

The Descendants have always been the favorite of every 80’s and 90’s kids. As the name suggests, these guys are the official descendants of Maleficent, Cruella Di Ville , Jafar and The Evil Queen Inspired by the movie? Disguise as one them.

For Mal : Wear your nana’s black gown and prepare a horn prop which you can keep on your head. Do not forget to dash up the look with some makeup.

For Carlos : Color your color hair sizzling silver and wear a mix of red, black and silver leather clothes to make yourself look like Carlos.

For Jay : You will need a velvety wine and blue color set to dash up your look. Also buy a navy blue color beanie to complete the look.

For Evie : You can wear a blue color frock along with leggings of the same color.

Twin with your bae in these Halloween Dresses! 

Rockstar Halloween Costume

halloween costume ideas 2021 trending

Wanne pay a tribute to the ace band Linkin Park well then disguise yourself as the Rockstar and you can be creative as you want to for being one. Wear shabby clothes or dress up yourself entirely leather but do not forget to wear the extra curly hair wig.

Princess Jasmine Costume

halloween costume princess jasmine 2021

The heart and soul of Alladin, princess Jasmine is always a good idea if you want to be the most glamorous girl of the Halloween party. You can buy the Princess Jasmine costume from Amazon for a price of $20.95

Mutant Ninja

halloween costume ideas for 2021 sexy

If you are indeed a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja and want to impress the girls of the locality well go for an easy way to make yourself look like one.

  • Wear a dark green color Turtle Neck sweater with the same color lower.
  • Now take up beanie, cut the space for eyes and wear it upside down. Tadaa you are ready.

Wonder Woman

halloween costume sexy

If you want to look uber sexy, then choose Wonder Woman as your Halloween Costume for they year.

  • Wear a strapp or off shoulder red color top along with the fluffy blue skirt.
  • Paste W initial on your belt ( preferably golden color).
  • Get a plastc Tiara from the market and paint it golden for the crown.
  • Complete your look with long boots
  • Finish the whole dress up with red color lipstick.

Scary Clown

halloween costumes ideas 2021

Well, first of all the Scary Clown and Pennywise are quite different from each other. If you want to dress up as the Scary Clown-

  • Wear a multi-colored tee along with loose white color trousers which have suspenders.
  • Paint your face like a clown.
  • You can other funky clown props from Amazon.

Harley Quinn

There are many variations to the Harley Quinn Costume and it’s you who has to decide upon the dress. The easiest way is explained as follows.

  • Get yourself a red and blue shade wig.
  • Purchase a red color top and spray paint it with silver.
  • Get black gloves, funky bracelets, sexy cuffs and hep chokers.
  • Get a red and blue color short and cut them both from the middle, sew the two colors & combine them.
  • Finish your look with red knee-high boots.
  • Add a sequin blazer to your costume too.


halloween costume ideas 2021 pennywise

Calling all the Georgies to the party to meet Pennywise. If you want to scare all the kids away from you, try these DIY methods listed down below.

  • Buy a white color tee and lower set from the market.
  • Sew frills on the sleeves and collars.
  • Spray red color on the clothes which look like blood.
  • Buy Pennywise mask from Amazon and also carry a Balloon along.

Funny Rabbit

halloween costumes 2021 ideas

Rabbity Rabbits are also in this Halloween. It is upto you if you want to be a cute or a completely sexy one for the party.

  • You just need an A-line knee-length white color dress for the disguise.
  • You can add frilly socks and cuffs to your attire.
  • Do not forget to add a bunny ear prop to your head to look all cute and charming.

Giant Dinosaur

halloween costumes for adults 2021

Being a Dinosaur is not at all an easy task as it seems to be, you need to carry a lot of weight if you want be the extinct creature.

  • You can buy a Dinosaur Onesie from Amazon
  • Make triangular tentacles from a white colored chart paper and paste it on your tail and body.

Like the Hulk

halloween costumes for 2 year old boys

Hulk is a superhero who has won million hearts  from all over the world so if you want that kind of attention during the party. Check out the DIY method.

  • Paint all the visible parts of the body green.
  • Wear violet color trousers and white plain ripped tee.
  • Your hairstyle should be spiky and sexy.
  • Wear black shoes beneath to complete the look.


halloween costumes 2021 for women

You need a dead man attitude to disguise yourself as a Zombie. To become one, you need no specified costume, the face paint and the way of walking is the real deal here.

Rat Halloween Costume

halloween costume for kids

Rats are cutie pies only if they are not running haywire in the kitchen. Thus to scare some, you can become one. Check DIY methods here.

  • Wear a skin color skeevy along with the same color tights.
  • Now wear pinkish makeup and pair it with claws, paws etc.
  • You can also order fake teeth from Amazon.

Pretty Unicorn

halloween costume ideas 2021

It is almost every girls dream to either meet a Unicorn or become one in the near future. Do not worry because we have fool proof idea for your costume.

  • Wear white tee with pastel multicolor skirt along with heels.
  • Team up the look with Unicorn tears on your face.

Witchy Witch

halloween costume for girls

All hail the power of the broomstick! To do a Witch cosplay, you will need a black ankle length flowy one piece. Check more ideas below.

  • Try not to wash your hair before the cosplay to make them appear messier.
  • Add a hat and a pointed heel to accentuate the look.
  • Colour your nails matte black for the spooky hand’s effect.
  • Do a winged eyeliner and smokey eye probably with a red matte lipstick.

Hot Cat Woman Costume

halloween costume 2021 sexy

The makeup for the Catwoman costume should be smokey and freakish again. Scroll below the DIY way to become a Cat Women.

  • You can wear a black jumpsuit and faux cat ears.
  • Buy a large waist belt and thigh high leather boots
  •  You can also wear gloves and cat-eye sunglasses for an enhanced look.

Joker From Batman

halloween costume ideas 2021

Why so serious bro..! You can wear a grey checkered shirt with a violet color pant. Add a green color waistcoat to your attire and a violet color trench coat to your attire. Finish your look with a heinous makeup and a green wig.



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