Girls have a range of options to choose from angel/devil costumes, bug / animal costumes, Pirates, Renaissance, cowgirls or Egyptian princess and what not. If you happen to be more on the creepier side, you can probably refer to Vanessa Hudgens’s look from Halloween 2013.She looks menacing as a vampire in the streets.

Let’s go through a series of some beautiful options to execute this Halloween.

“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, The moon laughs and whispers T’is near Halloween”

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

We are literally free from doubt that this is probably the first choice of every girl. Even better, look like Emma Watson for a day and increase your fan following.You can either wear her signature yellow costume or try a pink one.

Jasmine from Aladdin series

Cladding yourself up in a pretty blue dress and a charming braid will totally make people turn their heads. Team the look up with some aqua eye makeup and a subtle lip color. Kim Kardashian looked really adorable as the princess Hence, you can always refer to her Instagram page.

Frozen princess

Queen Elsa is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney’s famous movie “ Frozen” as you all know. It will be a dream come true for any girl to dress like her. The fact that she is one of the most adorable ones is because she is totally an introvert and that is what attracts people more.

The nagging principal

Danny Mcbride Hbo GIF by Vice Principals  - Find & Share on GIPHY

You can nail the Halloween party look dressed as a 50’s principal of a school. I am not sure how many of you have seen Katy Perry dressed as one in a party hosted by herself. I would recommend referring to her look.


She was one of the most powerful rulers in Egypt the world has ever known.
Also, she was the prettiest lady of her times. Arranging a vintage full blown costume and a powerful hairstyle could be tricky but definitely worth it.

Spinelli from Recess

Spinelli is the tomboyish yet very beautiful Italian American substitute ringleader of the clan. The multiple pigtails and that leather jacket with an orange color tee will look super cute on you.

Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter

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You can probably use your old frock and wore off stockings for this one. Some pale makeup with two ponytails will help you don the image of the late wizard.

Dark angel costume


Having those wings will immediately make you feel on the 9th cloud. Clubbing it up with super cool black boots and messy hair is all that you need to heat the up the glam quotient.


The creepiest character of one of my favorite serial “ The Adam’s Family” is definitely something I would wear to a party. Simplistic yet sinister.

Glamorous wonder lady costume


Who can miss out on being the greatest super heroine of the era ? The costume is so blingy that it will definitely catch everybody’s eyes in the party.

Fortune teller

Check out the full video of Jennifer Lopez’s song “ Ain’t it funny” for this look. It is absolutely easy and DIY kind of and unique at the same time.



She is the most iconic character of the Game of Throne series, if you are going to dress up as Khaleesi, you’ve got choices from her silky Grecian Gown to her sexy leather dresses. You can also accessorize your look with some toy dragons or giant dragon eggs wrapped up around the waist.

Some more really dreadful dresses can be the as the Gothic Chic, Skeleton, a zombie nurse, dancing emoji, Jack Daniel’s bottle and also as the Pirates of the Caribbean babe.

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Pretty ladies whenever you go for buying your Halloween costume try and adhere to these rules while looking for one

#1 Make sure your dress is absolutely comfortable to wear.
#2 Ensure that it is breathable enough.
#3 Always inspect if it is made up of no toxic material.
#4 And the most important fact is it should definitely be easy to remove.

Can’t wait to dress up for the Halloween party and have candies!! No worries the clock is ticking!

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