Halloween Costume Ideas for Women- When witches go riding & black Cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, its the season of Halloween. Gear up all Queens, cuz you gotta shine all through the spooky season. If you have still not decided about your Sexy Halloween Cosplay, check out our list of Classic Women’s Halloween Costumes inspired from popular movies and shows. According to us, any costume can win the accolade for being the Best Female Halloween Costume and you just to need to have the right attitude for it. Moreover, These Halloween Costume Ideas for Women Will Make You Earn Proposals for sure.

Halloween Costume for the Spooky Kiddo

Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Going creative with your Halloween Costume is all okay but make sure that your dress is comfortable to wear. If you want the costume for your work, ensure that your selection is an Easy Halloween Costume for Work. Well, the world is yours gals, win over everyone with the help of awesome and amazing Halloween Costume Ideas for Women.

Tall Eh? Try these stunning Halloween Costumes for Tall People!

Belle | Beauty and the Beast Costume

halloween costumes for women ideas 2021

Gowns! Oh they remind us of Princesses and Brides walking down the aisles with the beaus. Do you also want to try the royal feeling for a day? Well, then go and purchase a signature Bell gown or any color that you really love to be in.

Jasmine | Aladdin Costume

halloween costume ideas for women

Get some inspiration from Princess Jasmine for your Halloween cosplay. Cladding up that very charming aqua blue dress with a beautiful braid and pearl jewellery are enough to kill someone with a look. Team up the entire dress up with high heels.

Princess Elsa Costume

halloween costume ideas for women

An adorable Elsa will bring out the sweetest side out of you. Well, if you have big round eyes, then Elsa would be your best choice for sure. Wander all about in the party with your gleaming and shining Elsa dress. Do not forget wear the tiara though.

Naggy Principle Costume

We have all faced these naggy teachers and principles during our school time. So, if you are looking to make people afraid of you, clad yourself up in a strict costume. You can get some inspiration from Katy Perry’s Principle Halloween Costume.

Cleopatra Costume

halloween costume ideas for women

The most beautiful and powerful lady of the vintage years, Cleopatra is quite popular with the ladies. Besides a golden dress, lots of classic jewelry, a crown you also need to carry a powerful attitude within yourself. The dress can be bought amazon though.

Spinelli | Recess Costume

halloween costume ideas for women

The Italian American Tomboyish character from the series is always a hit during Halloween cosplay because the costume is quite comfortable. You can also choose it for wearing to office for the party. All you need to do is arrange a orange dress with a leather jacket and make two pigtails.

Moaning Myrtle | Harry Potter Costume

halloween costumes ideas for women

The late wizard, the queen of the washroom can be portrayed if you want to spook someone. All you have to do is wear a worn off black frock along with pale makeup and two pigtails. Make sure you do not forget her signature spectacles.

Dark Angel Costume

halloween costumes for women

Some are good angels while some are the evil ones, it is you who has to decide about which you want to be for the Halloween party. If you are indeed going for the dark angel costume, then wear a grey color frock and color your wings all black. Do not forget to wear those evil red horns like prop over your head.

Wednesday Costume

halloween costume for women

The sinister character from the Adam’s family is one of the favorites with the ladies cuz it makes you look really sexy. You can either buy a black frock with long black stockings or buy the entire dress from Amazon. Make sure your eyes have smokey makeup.

Wonder Woman Costume

halloween costume for women ideas

Wanna go all bling bling? Go for this Wonder Woman Costume which you can buy from Amazon or also do a D.I.Y for. The dress is heroic so it will definitely make you feel confident and heroic for a day. The character is priceless for sure.

Fortune Teller Costume

halloween costume ideas women

]Fortune Tellers are Gothic and mysterious. You can be the fortune teller in the party ( a fake one obviously). Dress up in your granny’s old costume and wear a mysterious looking wig along with lots of beaded jewelry. Also, carry some Tarot Cards with you.

Khaleesi Costume

halloween costume for women ideas

Become the mother of dragons from the ace show Game of Thrones for the Halloween Party cosplay. You can disguise as her by wearing Grecian Gown or a sexy leather dress which can be customized. Make sure you get your hair done by a professional.

More Options for Halloween Costume Ideas 🤞🏻

  • Gothic Chic,
  • Skeleton,
  • zombie nurse,
  • dancing emoji,
  • Jack Daniel’s bottle
  •  Pirates of the Caribbean babe.

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