There can be nothing more interesting and freaky than dressing up like Frankenstein ,if you are really really tall. The look is going to definitely accentuate your personality and give other people goosebumps for days and days, but don’t you think it’s a little cliche?

Head on for some new and innovative options for yourself.


If you think you are still a child at heart, then you can probably be Calvin from the famous comic series Calvin and Hobbes. Just the feeling of being a Tiger for one day will increase your self-admiration level. You can opt for a tiger onesie for $ 37 or so.


Gush up all the Harry Potter fans because there is one fine option for all the tall people out there and that is being Hagrid . For a more enhanced look, try out buying a huge black dog or dragon stuff toy for yourself which you can portray as your pet.

4The Disney Beast

Keeping in mind, all the hype about the ace Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast”, I have a really awesome idea for you. Be the beast and spook all the ladies out there.

5The No Face

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I don’t know how many of you know about this fantasy series of a girl named Chihiro.The no face is a spirit from the fictional show and undoubtedly looks really frightening and shadowy. Buy the costume for $31.99 from Amazon.

6Uncle Sam

People who want to be funny and spooky at the same time can probably opt to be the American recruiter of the U.S. Army. He certainly does look really expressive as he is a combination of both evil looks and absurd ones. You can buy the costume for $33 from Amazon.

7Július Caesar

He was a Roman philosopher and politician as you all know. Disguising as him can be a great honor for anybody. The unique selling point of the costume is that it is amazingly airy and loose fitted.

8Buddy The Elf

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The struggles of being tall are aptly portrayed in the movie and I give a 10 on 10 to this costume. The costume will make you look really cute rather than spooky or freaky. The plus point is that you might get hugs and kisses for being so adorable too.

” Keep calm because Halloween is coming”.

All the tall people reading the blog are default members of selfie stick holding association, so gear up for the upcoming Halloween bash and become impeccable out of all in the group.

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