Toddler Halloween Costumes РDress up your little Pumpkin in the best Halloween Costume for Toddlers. If you are confused about the dress up and disguise for your little Tots, then check out the list of the Best Toddler Girl Halloween Costumes as well as the Best Toddler Boy Halloween Costumes from down below. According to us, the costumes for kids or tots should not be scary or weird because it might scare the little baby, so make sure you only go for the funny ones or the cute and unique Toddler Halloween Costumes. 

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Toddler Halloween Costumes

First things first, always choose a costume which is comfortable for your baby! Any wrong kind of cloth or unmanageable can make your tot feel cranky and irritated, so just try and shop very wisely. The Unique options for Best Toddler Halloween Costumes range from Vamps, little aliens, bunnies to chocolate babies. Check out the below list for more options for Toddler Halloween Costumes.

According to us, the Best Toddler Halloween Costume for Girls is that of fairy, tinker bell, rainbow unicorn or a spell caster witch. You can check the best options for the Best Toddler Halloween Costumes for Boys from the official website of You can also easily check out the other Top Toddler Halloween Costumes for children from offline stores as well.

Plus Size Halloween Costume for Adults

Pumpkin Plush Costume

toddler halloween costumes for boys

Available for $8.99, the costume is a perfect option for a cranky baby. He or she can run around wearing this without any discomfort. The ease comes from the cloth material used. Plus, the kid can also be the real Pumpkin Patch of the party.

Cookie Monster

halloween costumes for toddlers for boys

The cookie costume is inspired from a character from the iconic cartoon serial called the Sesame Street. It has a wonderful pair of eyes that look really cute to the onlooker and appealing. It is Available for anywhere between $26.17. and $108.

Batman Cosplay

toddler halloween costume

Available for $17.91, this batman cosplay is perfect for a cute baby plus the dress has also been licensed by the DC cosmetics. So, if you are a DC comic fan, just go for this cosplay costume by Ruby’s for your little baby.

Tinker Bell Costume

halloween costumes for girls toddlers

Available for $19.99, the Tinker Bell  costume will make your little princess look like a someone straight out of a Disney studio. The package consists of a wand, headband and matching wings. The 100 watt smile will add much glam and cuteness to the costume.

Black Tutu Costume

halloween costumes for toddlers unique

Available for $35.00 on, this Toddler Cat costume will make you look like a little kitty whom you will want to cuddle day and night. The amazing kitten costume also has a Tutu and a Tail which makes it even more appealing to the eyes.

Wizard of OZ

unique toddler halloween costumes for baby

This Wizard of OZ costume is available for $25.02 on Amazon. The package consists of the dress, Blue Hair Bows and Jumper. The costume has officially been licensed and merchandised by the Wizard of Oz itself.

Complete Yoda Costume

unique halloween costumes for toddlers

Available for $16.80, Let your little toddler be Yoda from the amazing Jedi costume. Ofcourse, you can let him be powerful for one day atleast. Well, jokes apart this costume will make your kid earn a lot of compliments at the Halloween party.

Vampire Costume

halloween costumes for toddlers unique

Available for $21.99, If your little tot is a fan of the movie ” Hotel Transylvania” then this costume if worth giving a short. Plus, do not add any scary element like teeth or any weird prop to avoid scaring other little babies of the party.

Dory Costume

halloween costumes for girls toddlers

Available for $33.16 on Amazon, this dress is perfect for a water baby. We are confident about the fan following of Dory so it is not a bad idea to dress up your little girl in her attire. Plus, she can also act and take out Dory’s voice to impress all guests.

Hot Dog Costume

halloween costumes for toddlers boys

Available for $18.22, this Hot Dog Costume is quite hilarious but make sure your kid is comfortable carrying it around in the party. You can make him or her wear shoes beneath to help him move and run around in the disguise.

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