Few days back while returning back from college, I realized that it was getting too irritating to walk on the road in this summer. But being a student and a social activist, it’s really difficult to opt for vehicles all the time. As a result I am left with sunburns. Actually this is common for every one of us. Although there are a number of face wash and scrubbers for girls / ladies yet very few for males. As a result we have to buy the same face pack / creams used by girls to get rid of our problems. However we must try to understand that there a big difference between the skins of the two. Male have a little thick skin and hair growth is quicker. As a result the normal face pack proves useless and ineffective.

Realizing this problem, I thought of developing my own home-made face pack which could work effective. I tried various ingredient and thanks to ten of my male friends who took the risk to apply the same paste over their face in order to confirm its effect on every kind of skin.

Now let me share the process and various ingredient of my face pack.






How to make the home made Face Wash

Step 1 – Making Rose Powder

In order to make rose powder, dry rose petals for 2-3 days in sunlight and crush the dried leaves in a mixer .

Step 2 – Making tomato pulp and cucumber pulp

To get tomato pulp/juice cut the tomato into half and remove the semi-liquid fluid that consist of tomato seeds and mix this extract well using your hand or you may use a mixer and crush the whole tomato till it get converted into a paste. Do the same for cucumber.

Step 3 – Mix!

Now mix the ingredients – milk/milk cream, tomato pulp, cucumber pulp, rose powder and add a little amount of turmeric in this paste and mix well. Now leave this paste for 2 min and mix it again. Ensure that this paste should be neither too liquid nor too solid in form.

How to use

You may use it as a scrubber or as a face pack. In case of face pack leave the paste applied over face for about 20 min and then wash off your face. For those who have allergies etc, they should avoid this paste as it may cause itching etc.

Always apply this paste after washing your face with water and drying it.

This face pack is ideal for those who have an oily face. Try to use paste freshly prepared otherwise store the paste in fridge.

Milk cream and turmeric help to clean microorganisms like fungi bacteria etc from our face. The role of rose petals powder is to act as base in this paste. It also brings glow in face. Application of cucumber and tomato helps in providing the skin with necessary vitamins and other nutrients which are soaked by the skin as the paste dries up.

Girls may apply this pack. However since I have not experimented this on a girls’ skin so I don’t want to recommend it 😀

– Yusuf Sufi, TIF

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