Though their earn compliments from wherever they go, the worst problem for them is to take care of their oh so curly tresses. The major fact here is that this kind of hair usually take up a large amount of time to comb or style and since we are all busy bee’s of our kinds, it becomes really really hectic to put all your efforts for the regimen.

Jennifer Lopez has always embraced her natural curls and has looked fab ever since. Honestly, I am a really big fan of the curly and wavy hair, I wish I could have it. However, let us talk about some wavy hacks to help you out now.

Conditioner to the rescue

Always remember to apply a pinch of conditioner with the help of your fingers before shampooing your hair, it will help your dry curly hair from becoming even drier after the wash.

Get rid of split ends

If you really want to maintain your hair like a pro, just get those frizzy ends of your haircut after every 6-8 months. The breakage of the hair will gradually reduce as well.

Before a workout

Always apply some conditioner to the ends of your hair and bind them up in a beautiful bun to save them from all the frizzy mess you will be having after a workout. You will be glad to see how well it works in keeping your mane moisturized as well.

Use a soft and thin fabric to dry out hair

After washing your hair, consider drying it up with the help of a t-shirt with any thin cloth. The reason being here is to reduce the frizz and scrunch the hard fabric will cause your curls to have.

Comb Rules

You should consider detangling your hair with the help of a wide tooth comb instead of a brush as it will help you keep your fragile little curls safe.

Ditching the hot wash

Being a curly hair you should always avoid washing your hair with hot water as it may ruin your curls and cause them to break. Always consider washing your hair in cold water to prevent all the splits and dryness.

Sleep on silk or satin

Consider getting a pillow cover made up of silk or satin fabric because these are quite soft and won’t make your hair all crumpled up and will prevent making it tougher for you to detangle.

For the deep conditioning

For the deep conditioning of your hair, you can mix some aloe vera gel and coconut water into a mixing bowl and with the help of a brush, apply it all over your hair. Now cover all your hair with a shower cap and keep it intact for 10 min or so.

Ditch the heat

I know how tempting it is for you to straighten your hair as often as possible but the best thing you will do for your hair is to keep it away from all the stress. Enjoy your natural and beautiful curls.

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