Well, when we talk about Valentine’s day, we never think about its history and interesting facts. All that comes to our mind is Valentine Gifts or the Valentine Day ideas. Fella, there are other good things about Valentine’s day too. The Valentine day has many definitions attached to it. Some of them are affirmative and some reveal a really dark side about Valentine’s day.

If you wish to know more about the history and story of Valentine’s day you can read this article. You can also head down to know about the Valentine’s Day fun facts and superstitions.

 Did you know sighting one of the listed below would actually who you are going to marry in the coming future.

Sighting a sparrow meant that you would marry a poor man in the near future.

Sighting a dove meant that you will marry your mate for life and beyond.

Sighting an owl would mean that you are going to remain a spinster throughout your life.

Sighting a goldfinch meant marrying a millionaire.

Sighting a squirrel meant marrying a cheapskate.

Sighting a Robin would mean that you are going to marry someone who is a sailor.

Sighting a bluebird meant marrying someone really jolly and happy.

Sighting a Cross bill meant marrying someone who would be really argumentative.

Another superstition attached to Valentine’s day is the apple quiz which determines how many children are you going to have. Here it goes, cut the apple in half and count how many seeds come out! The number of seeds determines how many children you will have in the near future.

Honestly, all of these are just beliefs and myths and do not have anything to do with real life. So, take the quiz and just have some fun, do not feel bad about anything negative.
We have also curated some really interesting facts about Valentine’s day. Scroll below for some really astonishing revelations.

# Offering roses to your loved ones is  directly related to Goddess Venus because she always preferred the beautiful roses over any other flowers.

# It was considered a bad luck to sign a valentine day card in the Victorian time.

# 3% pet owners give love and gifts to their pets on Valentine’s day.

# 73% of men buy flowers on Valentine’s day which is way higher than their women counterparts.

# Richard Cad-bury was the first to invent a Valentine day box in the year 1800.

# Valentine’s day is considered the second largest card-sending day of the year.

# The singles celebrate the S.A.D IE the Single Awareness day on Valentine’s day.

# In medieval times, girls ate weird foods to make themselves dream about their future husbands.

# Chocolates worth 1$ Billion are purchased and exchanged on Valentine’s day.

# Flowers are sold like buns during Valentine’s day and Mother’s day.

# 1 out of 5 people celebrate Valentine’s day with their parents.

# On every Valentine’s day, love letters are received in the name of Juliet at her palace in the city of Verona.

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