Anyone who is going to live alone for the first time is scared enough to take the decision back. Hence, we have bought before you a first time living alone checklist. First of all, you are going to get a lot of advice on living alone. There are tons of them on Reddit. It doesn’t matter if you are living alone at 18, 40 or 50, everyone feels lonely the same way. Living in the budget is always the key.

I have come across a lot of people in my friend circle all of them who live in a PG accommodation far far away from their native homes. Well, they don’t show but certainly feel homesick sometimes but they have indeed built up a habit to stay happy in whatever way they are. Leaving your home and family is not at all easy. Just imagine, you have taken birth, spent your childhood and have lived 18 years of your life or more right there but such is the life you have to take up responsibilities and become independent and move on.

One of my friends says that she was super happy when she was leaving home and when asked why she said that it’s best to learn how to take care of yourself and become responsible at an early age in your life so as to take give your parents and family a comfortable life later on. After all, after a point of time, they need you and you have to be there for them like a stone wall taking care of them. Well, I was shaken and impressed by this theory of hers because all she wants to do is make herself capable of taking care of her family later on.

Well, if you are also planning to live all alone, then do not worry and read these tips.

Determine on whom you have to rely upon

When you move out, you sure will make friends but you should not open up the book of your life to each one of them. Just trust only those who you really feel genuinely care for you.

Keep emergency things handy

Always have a first aid kit, tools and hammers and other relevant things like a light bulb etc to help you out in an emergency.

Learn to save money

No matter how much financially strong you are you should always learn to save your money for the emergency that can occur. You need to understand and value the money and spend it only where it is worthy of.

Learn how to cook

My friend who is actually living in a PG, tells me that one should definitely learn how to cook basic food items when they are going to live alone because obviously, you cannot have food from outside on everyday basis.

Initiate talking with people

If you are moving out then you should definitely make friends over there because your life would be colorless without them. You should actually initiate talking with your roommates because they also might be nervous like you.

Learn to tolerate people

Sometimes people will annoy and irritate the heck out of you but it is you who will have to take care of your emotions. Learn to listen from one ear and let it go from the other. Let not others kill your vibe.

Explore places around you

After you are done making friends there, try to explore things and places around you. This process will give you a slight idea of your residing place and its atmosphere as well.

Learn to be safe

Well, if you are living alone, you have to also take care of your safety. Just keep on updating your family and friends about your timings and whereabouts times to time and always take charge of your safety no matter what. For instance, if you are coming late night from a party then ensure that there is someone accompanying you or keep updating friends about your journey.

Keep yourself busy

In your initial days, you should try and keep yourself busy in work as if you sit idle, it will cause you to think about your family and home again and again. Hence, just occupy yourself with work.

Don’t get really close so easily

Friends are important but do not let them be any close too quick. Understand them, their nature, their likes, and dislikes and then come out with a conclusion.

Make a self to do list

You should definitely make a list that reminds you of what to do as in just write on your paper a proper schedule and this will help you get rid of your laid-back attitude.

Practice self-love

When you are alone you are bound to feel lonely and loveless because you are not used to be such. So, try and practice self and do not feel that you are alone in life. Shop, Dine and make yourself feel better.

Make your residing place creative

When you come back from your college or home, all you need is some rest and sleep and thus you don’t want your room to be gloomy and dark. Make your home more creative and bright to live in.

You can foster a pet

The best thing that you can do to make yourself feel happy is to foster a pet. Well, you obviously can keep them because you are not home all the time but you can foster them to help those in distress until they find a new safe home.

Pray to God

You should always pray to god and have faith in him because he will always give you the strength to take everything and no matter what you go through he will always be there for you giving you the power to take up things strongly.

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