Once you turn the TV on and there’s a musical playing, you are bound to have a smile on your face, and if you are extrovert enough, your inner dancer may jump out in joy and match the beat with the cast as they dance their merry way!

Now, if the musical movies have good storylines, that’s a plus.

So, if there are some musical movies that have all, you should watch them at least once in your entire lifetime.

Best Musical Movies To Watch

The Pirate Bay is the home to many wonderful musical movies of all time. Once you go through our list, you can decide which ones you are going to watch first.

So, without further ado, let’s start: 

1: Moulin Rouge! (1934)

There is some genius in this theatrical musical tragicomedy, and it is a feature-length music video that succeeds. 

Every emotion is played out in this film, but thanks to innovative, rapid-fire editing, confident direction, and flat-out brilliant, it’s impossible not to be enchanted. 

Surrender to its powers, and Moulin Rouge! will transport you to an alternative dimension.

2: Pitch Perfect (2012)

Jason Moore’s witty, crowd-pleasing adolescent comedy and the debut appearance of a cappella group received great reviews and was a leggy sleeper smash at the box office. 

It was also a Hollywood calling card for several of its young, extremely brilliant cast members. 

Pitch Perfect 2 was also a huge box office success, but the sloppy third sequel was a thudding letdown.

3: La La Land (2016)

The love tale is the message from Damien Chazelle’s lauded remake of the classic musical. 

It’s a sharply written and executed love tale that we haven’t seen on screen before. 

It’s about two creative individuals, both extremely ambitious and characterized by their lofty ambitions, who truly perceive and assist each other. Their dreams come true—at the expense of their marriage. 

Whether you like it or not, it’s difficult to ignore the film’s levels of brilliance.

4: The Little Mermaid (1989) 

The Little Mermaid was a smash movie that resurrected the company and ushered in a decade-long period of animated successes known as the Disney Renaissance. 

Alan Menken and Howard Ashman’s soundtrack is enthralling; the melodies are massive and unforgettable, and the lyrics are sophisticated and brilliant and sometimes humorous. 

As an adult, it’s difficult not to be affected by the narrative of a father and daughter striving to repair a deteriorating relationship. But, unfortunately, the ocean has a great deal of depth.

5: Beauty And The Beast (1991)

This is the second Disney Renaissance film and is much more sophisticated and dramatic than The Little Mermaid. 

This is a milestone, taking inspiration from the 1946 French epic ‘La Belle et La Bête’ and profiting greatly from the songs of Ashman/Menken.

At the Grammy Awards, the soundtrack CD was nominated for Album of the Year. The less said about the campy 2017 reboot, which was monetarily successful but was light on content, the better.

6: Oklahoma! (1955)

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s debut musical, which premiered on Broadway in 1943, has certain flaws, as do many intellectual creations approaching eight decades of existence, but it’s still an important work. 

Fred Zinnemann’s Technicolor picture received two Academy Awards for its revolutionary 70mm technology. 

The songs are so good that the musical will last: in 2019, Daniel Fish darkly and brilliantly recreated Oklahoma!, which received eight Tony nominations.

7: West Side Story (1961)

Robert Wise’s thrilling musical about competing for street gangs’ star-crossed love is the most Oscar-nominated musical ever. 

If there is a weakness in this film, it is that the supporting actors steal the show anytime they appear.

West Side Story has turned out to be the year’s biggest cinematic surprise. It isn’t perfect, but it’s largely exciting.

Get Groovy With The Musicals!

If you are having a rough day or don’t want to find yourself drowning in drinks as soon as you return from the office, these musicals are the way to go.

They can keep your spirit alive and awake, and by the time you are done with them, you will feel a whole lot better than before, and that’s a promise.

So, if you want to know more about these musical movies, let us know in the comment section. 


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