Plus Size Halloween Costumes – It is rightly said that when life gives you curves, you shall haunt them and Halloween is perhaps the best time to do so. If you are indeed confused about which Plus Size Costume shall you go for, take a deep breath and start your research with our list of Women’s Plus Size Halloween Costumes and Men’s Plus Size Halloween Costumes. You can also choose from the Homemade Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas and if you love the ready-made range,  Plus Size Witch Costumes, Plus Size Police Costumes and Plus Size Scary Halloween Costumes are now available everywhere.

Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Adorable Teddy Bears, Haunting Dolls, Gothic Wedding Gowns and many other iconic ideas for the cosplay can be chosen for the disguise. But the very first step to flaunt your costume the right way is to carry on some confidence with it. So do not worry and be as sassy as you can. Check out the ideas for Plus Size Halloween Costumes from down below.

If you are confused about where to buy the Plus Size Costume from, you can always check out awesome brands such as Ashley Stewart and Shein’s official website.

Punny Couple Halloween Costumes 

Plus Size Witch Costumes

halloween costume plus size

Witches like Sanderson Sisters have always inspired us girls to flaunt our witchy bitch side. So, do not wait and buy yourself a witchy yet creepy witch costume from any of the Halloween Costumes stores. You can buy this frock style costumes from Halloween Costumes for a price of $59.99. 

Plus Size Police Costume

halloween costume plus size 2021

Well, get ready to end up in the lock up for looking the sexiest in the Halloween party. This uniform cum dress is made of 100% polyester and is perfect for fun Halloween party. You can buy this plus size police costume for Halloween from for a price of $42.49 and $69.99.

Best Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas 

Gypsy Princess Costume

plus size women halloween costumes

This amazing chic Tarot Card Reader inspired Costume has been inspired from Jennifer Lopez’s song ” Aint it Funny. You can either buy it from any Halloween Costume Store near you or a D.I.Y by borrowing your granny’s gown and wearing a fancy Bandana with it.

Alice Costume

cheap plus size Halloween costume

If you intend to disguise as someone adorable, then just choose the wonderful Alice from the Alice in Wonderland story for your attire. Just try to keep the colors and expressions subtle throughout. You can buy it from anywhere between $50.71 and $61.74.

Red Riding Hood

Want to experience a nostalgia ride to your childhood? Well, go for a Red Riding Hood Costume for the Halloween Party. Doing a DIY for this one might be a task hence you can simply go for a readymade costume. You can buy it from Amazon for $35.21 and $90.99. 

Princess Fiona Costume

halloween plus size costumes

Be the Princess Fiona to your Shrek in this sweet yet chic Green Costume. You can also carry a few props like the Orange Wig, Sword and Shrek Ears to give the dress a cool outlook. You can buy this Princess Fiona Costume from Amazon for $12.99 – $114.95.

Harry Potter School Girl Costume

halloween costumes for plus size disney

Are you a Harry Potter Fan? Well then be a part of the Hogwarts fraternity by becoming a wizard girl student .The package consists of cape, skirt and shirt etc. You can buy this from dress from anywhere between $32.68 and $50.35 from Amazon.

Nun Costume

plus size halloween costume 5x

Scare everyone away at the party by being the Nun for the party. You will also have to do some scary makeup along with your disguise.. You can buy it from anywhere between $69.7 and $86.97 from Amazon.

Caesar Costume

mens plus size halloween costume

Drape yourself as the Roman Emperor for the Halloween Party? Your Caesar costume and attitude are definitely going to impress a lot of girls in the party. You can buy it from Amazon for $31.50.

Clown Costume

plus size halloween costume 4x

Be the funny bones of the party by being the clown. The dress or package includes of Jackets, Vest, Bow Tie and Pants. You can buy it for $40.74 from Amazon.

Jack Skellington Costume

halloween costumes plus size

Be the Jack Skellington of the part and give nightmares to all the guests at the Halloween Party. Plus, you get to be the most important element ie the Pumpkin King of the party.  You can buy the costume for $62.26 .

Bumble Bee Costume

halloween costumes plus size 4x

You can choose to be the cute Bumble Bee for the Halloween Party Disguise. The dress is very comforable as well. Purchase from Amazon for $13.73.

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