Trending Halloween Couple Costumes –You can be as creative and as imaginary you want when it comes to matching your Halloween Costume with your beau. According to us, the Best Halloween Costumes since time immemorial include Beauty-Beast, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, Barbie-Ken, Ash and Pickachu, well the list is endless you see. One amazing tip to find out the best couples costume ever is to brainstorm about your relationship status, if you both have a love-hate relationship, choose Tom-Jerry and so on.If still confused, then rummage through our list of Creative Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

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Trending Halloween Couple Costumes

It is believed that Witches and Ghosts make merry during the last days of October! Oh Halloween, you make us feel all dark and dank on the occasion. The fall season brings in the perfect Halloween vibe with it, people during this time start rummaging the market for Creative Halloween Costume. Couples are usually the most excited because they get to have a P.D.A session by pairing up their costumes for the party. Find out your perfect bet from the Best Trending Halloween Costume Ideas. 

Besides, that if you are checking out Halloween Costume Ideas for adults then you should always consider the comfort level of the same. Whether it is a scary couple costume, hillarious couples costumes ever or any different kind of couple costume idea, check the quality of fabric use to avoid allergies later.

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Popeye and Olive

trending Halloween couple costumes

We have grown up watching the Popular show Popeye, the Sailor Man and have always been enticed by the cute pair up of him and his girlfriend Olive. Wanna make a strong mark at the Halloween party, disguise as them.

For Popeye

You can either pair up your plain white color shirt and a white color trouser with a sailor hat or purchase an actual Popeye dress from Amazon for a price of $23.99. 

For Olive

Just like a delicate branch of a tree, Olive dances and merries around like no other. Choose to wear a black pencil shaped skirt and pair it up with the a black red top. Put on clips on your hair for more drama.

Kylie and Stormi

halloween costumes 2021 couples

Well, not only with your partner, you can also pair up your dress with your kids just like Kylie did in the year 2018. She disguised herself as the weather and dresses herself as the Storm. The lighting  costume will make you win compliments from all over.

For Weather

You just need to wear a plain white dress and cover it with foamy structures that look like clouds. This cloud structure can be made from the cotton that you get from the sofas and cushions. You can also paint grey water color to the clouds.

For Storm

Wear a flashy golden or silver costume covering your body from head to toy. For added drama, carry a lightning stroke with yourself.

Chucky and Bride of Chucky

halloween costumes for couples

Want to scare off the guests with your horrific looking looks, well you both can disguise as Chucky and Bride of Chucky. Along with the horrendous attire, you will also have to add an raging attitude to your looks.

For Chucky

Bring our your most colorful full sleeves shirt and wear a dungaree short over it. Complete the look with some face makeup and a knife in your hand.

For Bride of Chucky

All you need to do is wear a white slutty dress with a black leather jacket for the disguise. But the unique selling point of the costume is the dark wine colored lipstick.

Pencil and Notebook

This might be a little lame combination but is a great mismatch for your Halloween party disguise. Team up with your beau as a pencil and notebook which are both incomplete without each other.

For Pencil

First of all, you will have to decide which color pencil do you want to be. Once, you are clear about what to wear, make the prop for the tip of pencil and wear it on your head.

For Note book

Being a notebook is quite easy as it is then you will only have to only wear a plain shirt with big stripes. Also keep a sleeve folded to show folded pages of a book.

Bonnie and Clyde

halloween costumes for adults

Who doesn’t know these ace criminals and you might have as well watched the movie too. Sometimes, I literally think about the fact that how robbers could be celebrities. So to dress up as these if you would want to look elegant as hell.

For Bonnie

Just wear a dark color V- neck full sleeves sweater and pair it up with a scarf tied around your neck. Complete your look by wearing a beret and a midi-skirt.

For Clyde

Wear a white shirt with a navy blue waistcoat and pants. Do not forget to add up the beret and cap toe shoes to your attire. The short length tie is also an essential.

Tarzan and Jane

Halloween costume for couples trendy

Wanna be the forest king and queen, here is the dress up method. The thing here to keep in mind is to be bold enough to don one.

For Tarzan

You will need an animal print kind of cloth to wrap below your waist probably till the knees. You can also buy it from Amazon.

For Jane

Wear a yellow color shirt and team it up with an olive green color skirt or pants. Make a beautiful high pony or you can also keep your hair wavy and open.

Lilo and Stitch

trending halloween couple costume

If you are the cutest couple out of the lot then this is the perfect dress for you. Honestly, this one is what I would adore the most.

For Lilo

The coolest costume of all as it will give you the feeling of a beachside party. For the disguise, you will need a red color t-shirt and a cute green skirt. Wrap around a belt of fresh leaves around your waist too. You can buy some faux leaves for the Tiara or can make it on your own with the help of twigs and threads.

For Stitch

It is hard to DIY the blue Koala’s costume at home so you can buy a onesie for yourself from Amazon.

Forest Gump and Jenny

halloween costumes for adults trending

This costume is quite simple and effortless to wear. The disguise includes really normal clothes that are quite sophisticated.

For Forest Gump

If you are going to disguise like him, you can wear a light blue half sleeve shirt and a beige color pant or whichever color you might like. Do not forget to wear the red cap.

For Jenny

Wear any of your knee-length white dress with a pair of boots. Team up the outfit with a white flower tiara and a brown fringe shrug.

Happy Halloween to the crazy couple 🙂


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