How should you remove ear wax?

Most people who use Q-Tips actually put them inside their ear canal. Don’t Do That! This pushes the earwax further into your ear and against the eardrum. Anything pushed against the eardrum means it won’t vibrate effectively. Which can cause hearing Damage. Ear Wax is Good For You and Isn’t Dirty It’s a safety device that keeps … Read more

5 Simple Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy this Diwali

Take a stroll around your house and feel the excitement and enthusiasm during India’s biggest Festival. The illuminating Diyas and lights certainly invoke optimistic feelings in our hearts. Sugariness surrounds our atmosphere and our homes too. Relatives and friends fetch so many sweet edibles for us that we become all greedy and childlike again. While … Read more

Anant Ambani’s amazing weight loss transformation has given us #WeightGoals

The Biggest Loser Of The Year: Anant Ambani In His New Lean Avatar 21 Km walk Daily Yoga Weight Training High intensity Cardio Low Carb Diet for 18 Months Thats Anant Ambani for u — Rishi Bagree (@rishibagree) April 10, 2016 Anant Ambani, the loving and youngest son of the Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of … Read more