What to do before and after jogging is a question that each and everyone asks each other in the park nowadays. And yes, everybody here has their different kind of answers. So, a couple of days before one of my friend suggested that we should never drink water immediately after a run or a physically exhausting exercise and when I asked her about the reasons of not doing so. She claimed that drinking water just after a jog or a run disturbs our heart and brain that is already working so rapidly. If you have ever noticed, you will start coughing if you drink water immediately.

Having said that drinking water and re hydrating after an exercise is a very very important as well and that is because our body has sweat so much that it definitely needs to re hydrate itself after that. Are you confused about what is wrong and what is right? Well, do not worry! Both the things are right at their own place, the only fact that you should keep in mind is the time limit. You need to wait for at least 10-15 minutes before re hydrating yourself and remember to always drink water after you exercise to avoid dehydration and to gain back the electrolytes that you have lost.

Here is a list of things that you should never do after a run.

Avoid those heavyweight chores, please

You might feel dizzy or lightheaded after a jog or an intense exercise. Thus, you really really need to avoid doing any kind of household chore that will wrench more of your energy. You should also avoid it because it can make you nauseous and sick. Hence, rest a little.

Change your exercising clothes, please

We know how much tired and lethargic you are after an exercise, but you should certainly change your clothes. Well, it is important to change them because they are moist and damp and thus can cause bacterias to breed and cause infections.

Refuel yourself right

You have done a lot of efforts and hard work doing those crunches and planks or probably after running in the park but eating junk throughout the day will only splash water on your hard work. So eat right and work out right as well.

Not eating at all

Never, I repeat never starve yourself after an intense workout and that is because your body needs to build up its muscles. Your body definitely needs the right carbs to repair itself after the run.

Do not consume those energy drinks

The energy drinks are loaded up with lots and lots of sugar and hence you should not binge upon them after a workout. You should always stick to drinking water which is of natural temperature.

Do not touch your face

Touching plants, swings and other things while you are running is a common thing, hence it is very important that you do not touch your face or rub your eyes with those filthy palms as they can cause you to have infections. Hence, always wash your hands and then try and touch your face.

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