I just something really awesome this morning about Teddy Bear Day and this is how it goes like “You are in my thoughts and heart, no matter wherever I may go, On Teddy Bear day I would like to say that I care more than you know”. Teddy day falls on the 10th of February and probably gives you a chance to make your girlfriend feel all kiddish again.

The purpose of Teddy day is to let your girlfriend know that your love for her is like a fluffy toy which will stay close to her heart. The teddy day is definitely going to be close to everyone’s heart because of the fact that the teddy remains there with you forever unlike chocolate or flowers. According to me, there can never be anything cuter like a dog, you can also present her with a cute doggo as her teddy bear on the Teddy day. Tip: You can opt to gift her a Teddy Bear gift basket or Teddy Bear with a chocolate gift.

Here are some of the best Teddy Bears that you can consider buying for your girlfriend.

Hollabears Hipster Teddy Bear Plush

Is your girlfriend a nerd? Does she always like reading, then this Teddy Bear with specs would be the perfect gift for your cutie pie. It is available on Amazon for $29.95 and is made up of handcrafted materials.

The Curious Teddy Bear

Available on $19.97, the teddy bear has looks to die for. The Teddy Bear has handmade paws and the fabric used for the making is super soft as well. The product also has a story to tell, Wink Wink.

LED Teddy Bear

Available for $22.99, the beautiful teddy bear has a cute bow and is made up of high-quality material. The best thing about the Teddy bear is that it changes colors and looks pretty beautiful at night. The teddy bear will start glowing when you put in batteries into it.

Ballerina Teddy Bear

Is your girlfriend a dancer, does she absolutely love doing the Ballerina dance, then this product is perfect for her.It is priced at $14.99 and is available on Amazon. The Teddy bear wears a beautiful pink frock made up of Organza fabric and has a really cute big nose.

Teddy Bear with a Rose

This one is perhaps the best choice for the Teddy day. It is available on Amazon for $10.99. The teddy bear has a classic style and is 9 inches high. It holds a beautiful rose that is so Valentine.

Teddy Bear Bouquet

Available for $34.99, they are one of the cutest Teddy Bears you will find on the internet. A dozen little teddy bears are beautifully packed in a small box and look cute as heck.

Sleeping Teddy Bear

Gift the sleeping beauty of your life, this 24 inches Teddy Bear available on Amazon for $19.67. I guarantee that you are going to fall for their eyes at the first sight itself.

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