There is an honest saying that, you realize the importance of a person or a thing when its no more with you. By reading the below you will surely understand how important it is to respect and love your mother. Fellas, it is a humble request to all of you that please do not be rude to them ever again because the pain of loosing your mommy is unbearable.

My message entry on mothers day

“My Mother was the bank to me where I deposited all my hurts and worries and withdraw love and affection.

I had always enjoyed Mother’s day with my family by giving gifts and love to my mother. I lost my mother on the day 13-May-2016. Now every year on mother’s day, I really feel bad because I don’t have my mother with me to celebrate the day. My Mother holds my hand for a short while, but my heart forever.

This time on the occasion of mother’s day, I feel that My Mother is a walking miracle to me and this day make her more special. I feel alone without the shelter of love and affection what she given to me on lovely days.

By wishing Happy Mother’s day to all mothers, somewhere I am giving my love and gratitude to my dear I lost.”



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