Ways to improve your mood are a bunch but how many of us actually resort to them when we feel depressed. How to change your mood to happy is not a mere work of a couple of minutes. You have to give it a little time and indulge some efforts so as to make it a point to get your mood right. One major thing that you always have to remember is that there is nothing in the world that will take you out of the dilemma, other than yourself. You have to fight with your mind to achieve mental peace.

Others can sure help but the warrior lies within.Be it work or home, mood swings can happen anywhere to everywhere. All that you need to do learn how to get yourself in the good mood.

These ways will make an effort to improve your mood and energy. Once you learn, the ways to get in good mood, you will able to put others in a good mood when they are depressed.

Scroll below to know some ways to light up your mood instantly when depressed.

Move Onto Your Spiritual Side

how to lift up your mood instantly

Seriously, God is there! He might give you heck number of problems in life but the sun will rise some or the other day. Talk to him, leave all your worries onto him and there you will find yourself all stress free. Spirituality will imbibe positivity in your life.

Face Your Problem, Do Not Distract

how to get in good mood

Almost everyone will ask you to distract yourself from your worries but no matter how much you try to distract yourself, your mind will lead to your irrational possibilities. Instead, face the issue, try to solve it with the help and support of your loved ones.

Spend Time With Your Pet

how to get in good mood when depressed

Pets are proven to improve their human’s mood within a minute when they are feeling depressed or upset about something. Those puppy eyes and wet noses can do wonders to your mood. Whenever you feel like you are upset, just head towards him or her and embrace them.

Read Self Help Books

how to put yourself in good mood

Books can be quite helpful when you are looking for self care. Reading a short inspirational quote or story about someone who conquered feelings like this can be quite supportive at times like this. You can check out the list of the Self Books from here.

Walk Around The Park

how to put yourself in good mood

When you are feeling a little upset about something and you are not able to let that feeling go away from your mind, then just wear your slipper and head outside for a stroll at the park.

Watch Inspirational Video

There are a lot of inspirational videos on the internet to help you get away from your anxiety and stress. Well, you should prefer the ones from Shri Gaur Gopal Das. His teachings are quite practical and inspiring. He teaches through short stories and that is the reason that the effect is so instant.

Hug Someone You Love

how to put yourself in good mood

Hugging somebody you really love will prove to be the best therapy for your stress and tension. Its a matter of psychology, when our minds get to know that someone will be there with us at the time of distress we feel a little relieved.

Weekend Getaway

ways to uplift your mood when depressed

Most of us are always caught up in our work schedules that we rarely get time for ourselves. We need to understand that giving a peace of mind to yourself is extremely important too. You can go out every weekend with your loved ones and cherish the moments together.

Talk To Yourself

how to uplift your mood

Your best help at this time is you! Really believe us on that! Try and talk to yourself and teach yourself that everything is gonna be alright but the thing is going to take time. You are your best teacher.

Hug Yourself

uplift your mood when depressed

This really works and you can do it number of times in a day. Hug yourself and talk about the issues you are going through. “You are not alone” these four simple words can do wonders for your mind.

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