So, How To Take a Good Selfie for Instagram? Or your Snapchat story for that matter! Well, learn it from the selfie queen herself. The top 10 selfie poses which certainly raise the oomph factor of your picture are listed below for your convenience. Be it good selfie for guys or girls, it really matters where to look when taking a selfie. You can either take a good full body selfie or a mirror selfie just like Kim does just by abiding by certain rules and steps. Happy selfie everyone.

Kim Kardashian is someone who is ruling the world through her extravagant beauty and her art of taking selfies. She is reigning Instagram and if you want to too then head up down below to know some tricks to click selfies just like her.

The three elements that Kim Kardashian swears by are cropping the unneeded features off, using just the right lighting and thirdly picturing yourself at the right angle.

Here are 10 ways to click a perfect selfie.

Using Flash ruins the selfie

how to take good selfies for instagram

We know much you want to click yourself in that badly lighted club at night but using the flash feature on the phone is just going to give you red eyes and would actually hamper the quality of the selfie. Either you can choose not to use flash or instead use the selfie lighting phones.

Keep your chin down

how to take good selfie for instagram

Believe us, Kim really believes in this one! She resorts to keeping her chin down in the selfie she wants to click. So, the next me you want to click a picture of yourself, follow this procedure.

Turn around a circle to find the best lighting says J’LO

top 10 selfie poses

Our favorite Jennifer Lopez swears by this step to achieve the perfect selfie shot. She takes up her phone, opens up the front camera and literally moves around in a circle to get the perfect lighting.

You can shoot from above

howto take selfies like a model

If you want a whole of your facial structure to glow in the selfie then, keep your hand above and shoot a selfie for yourself. This will actually emphasize your eyes more.

Pull your shoulders back

how to take good selfie with iphone


Never lean while you are clicking a picture, always try to stand upright. The main thing about clicking a picture of yourself is too pull shoulders back a little but take care that you don’t look really stiff too.

Never click a picture right in front of the camera


Do not click yourself right in front of the sunlight because it will cause you to close your eyes so just try to click a picture opposite of the sunlight to get hold of the perfect lighting even in the sunlight.

Hold your phone at a distance

where to look when taking a selfie

When you are clicking a selfie, just try to click a selfie holding the phone at a distance from yourself. The reason being here is that when you hold it at a distance, the camera isn’t able to focus on you thus avoiding close-ups.

Check the background

how to take selfies like a model

When you are clicking a selfie, it’s very important to give a check to your background as well. For instance, clicking on a bright background will accentuate the picture more and make it more shareable.

If you want that sun kissed picture, then make sure your head covers the sun

how to take full body selfie

When you are picturing yourself in the sunlight, make sure that you cover the sun with your head. The reflection should be just at the back of your head in the selfie.

Hold your waist high while taking a mirror selfie

how to take selfies in the mirror

When you are trying to take a mirror selfie, just put your hands a little above your waist and tilt your knee a little to get the best angle for your picture.

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